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Little-Fizz 12-09-2007 08:22 AM

How does this sound...?
Ok, I'm sure I've posted something simular to this before. But I'm very close to stocking my tank and what I want to me, sounds like it could be slightly over crowded. So if someone would like to help me out that would be great. Okay, I've got a 28 gallon, I already have 4 swordtails, three shrimp, and one snail. I would like to get a pair of german blue rams, 6 cory cats (possibly panda?) I only say 6 because I've heard thats what they are comfortable with... But 6 is what scares me. And a group of tetras, I'm not sure what kind, does anyone know what the smallest tetra is? I really only want the tetras so I can have some pretty schooling fish going all crazy all over the tank. But I figure on top of the rams and corys the tetras would be what makes me over stocked. Opinions anyone? Oh! And I want like... probably 5-10 more shrimp and one more snail to keep my little guy company. But with 6 corys will I really need that many shrimp? ... Well not that I think I need the shrimp, I just like them. I almost think they are smarter than my fish :?

beetlebz 12-09-2007 10:55 AM

well lets see here. I have a 29 gal with 8 cory cats, and while I wouldnt add more they do just fine :)

as for tetras, the glowlights (i have 12 in my 29 gal) dont get very big, but they are far from active. the blood eye tetras are FAR more active but they hang out up at the top of the tank.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE blue rams :D just make sure your water is pristine. mine died with just a fairly small ammonia spike in only a couple days :(

Little-Fizz 12-09-2007 11:13 AM

Wow thanks so much!! I don't really care where abouts the tetras chill, I just want a little action going on. I love the blue rams too, They are soooo cool! And my lfs just got a bunch of them in :):) I've heard they are super sensitive to water conditions. I'm thinking I want to buy like a huge filter thats like really not nessesary for the size of my tank... Lol just to make sure. Thanks again, this really helps!

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