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HollyinWA 04-12-2012 10:39 AM

Angelfish Fry
Hi Everyone. I have not been on here in awhile but have a question regarding fry. I have five angelfish and one pair. The pair have layed eggs a few times and this time they have gotten it to the stage of hatching. They are wiggling egg sacks right now as of yesterday. This time they did not eat the eggs after a day or so. I read that sometimes a takes a few tries for them to do it right. It appears that they are very good parents. I have had this happen before when I was younger with angelfish but never succeeded in keeping the babies alive. Can't remember what I did but I think I got them beyond the yoke stage but then they would die.

I am a little busy right now with other things and was hoping actually that they would eat the eggs again. I have had another tank to set up for about a year now since I knew they were a pair but just have not gotten around to setting it up. Now that I see that they are mastering parenthood, I should get the tank set up for next time. I will put the pair in the new tank.

The delimma I am in right now is, I feel bad for the three other fish and want to relieve them. The parents are not brutally mean to them but keeping them away so they are having to stay behind the plants. I am sure it is stressing the other angels. I have had a 15 gallon set up for awhile in my daughter's room that used to have a few guppies in there but there are no fish in there now and have not been for awhile. I need to do a water change and siphon the rocks a bit. I do have live plants in there which is good. I am not sure if I should move the fry at the yoke sack stage in there alone or move the mom and them in there together. I hate taking babies away from a parent. Since the other tank is upstairs, this will be a hassle. She layed the eggs on a plant so I would have to either move the whole plant or cut that stem and leaf off which I would prefer. She moved her fry over to another leaf from the leaf she layed the eggs on. I am afraid that if I move them at this stage they can fall off and the mom will not be able to save them because I will be messing with it. Should I move them before the become free swimming or should I wait and try to net them up. I need to get a net on the intake filter tube or they will go up the filter. The other fish will probably succeed in eating them once they become free swimming even though I have a lot of live plants in there.

I just don't feel up to this right now but since they are at the yoke stage I feel like I should do something and try to keep them alive.

Please advise. Thank you.


HollyinWA 04-12-2012 11:01 AM

I am tempted to get through until they are free swimming and if some make it they make it and if some don't they don't and then shoot for next time when I have the other take set up. Although, I don't like the thought of having to feed babies in the main tank. Most likely they will not survive the larger fish wanting to eat them, including the parents. I read that the parents can eat them as well when they are free swimming. Not sure why they go through the trouble hatching them and then turn around and eat them. I wish they would keep them close to them and protect them. Some cichlids do this, don't they?

HollyinWA 04-12-2012 04:24 PM

Well, it looks like no one has any suggestions. I went to the pet store and bought a net breeding cage. I may either wait to try to scoop them up after they are free swimming or try to bump them in there before they free swim. I hate to upset the mom but if I wait they may be eaten before they have a chance, and I also want to relieve the other angels. I got the fourteen gallon ready...except I forgot to look for a small enough filter sponge to put on the intake. I have one that will fit the big tanks intake.

Does anyone have any ideas what to put on the intake...pantyhose? I don't want to go back to the store now. I glanced around but did ot see a sponge small enough for this intake. I meant to ask someone, but forgot.

HollyinWA 04-12-2012 06:52 PM

Does anyone have any experience getting egg sack fry off of a leaf? I am trying to figure out how I can go about this without the falling off and floating away before they land in the netted breeding cage. I want my other angelfish to get their lives back. I hate to take the babies away from the mom but they will most likely get eaten anyway. Maybe she will know they are in the cage when they are hanging there. They will probably be free swimming by tomorrow.

DavidC 04-12-2012 08:27 PM

Angelfish Fry
Its been a long time since I raised about 70 angelfish, but Ill try to help. First of all you have to move them out of the main tank to have any success at all because they will definitely become food for the other fish immediately. Leave the parents behind and use another tank with a very minimal filter. Position them near a small air stone that jus t barely moves the water across the eggs, they need that for gas exchange. You will need to make sure the filter does not suck them up, I did not even use one, just the air stone and then I did very minimal partial water changes to keep the water quality good.
As soon as they start to swim you can hard boil an egg and take the yolk and squeeze it through a hankerchif, just a little bit at a time. When the babies eat the yellow particles you will see their bellies turn yellow. Do that for a couple weeks, then you will go to the aquarium store and ask the owner how to grow your own brine shrimp, which you do in a salt bath. Dont get salt in your baby angle tank, so rinse the brine shrimp well before feeding them to the fry. I did this 20 years ago, so you may want to research this some more, but that is the basics. I had a small book, (before internet), that gave all the specifics. I believe it was written by Dr. Herbert Axelrod, who is probably the best known author of freshwater aquarium books.
Good luck with your project.

HollyinWA 04-13-2012 11:00 AM

Thank you David for your help. It had been since I was a kid that I had Angelfish fry. I could not remember what I did but remember not be successful. I remember that some of them got stuck in the gravel. It came to my memory yesterday. That can be an issue too. I may not have had another take to put them in and the parents may have eaten them later on in the process. I just can't remember what I did. I think I do remember one time taking the eggs out and trying to hatch them myself and had to use the blue stuff and a air stone to keep the eggs from getting fungus. I never did get to raise them beyond very young fry.

Boy, last night was a pain. I went to the store and got a netted fry cage. I came home and muddled over how I was going to get them in it. I was unsure how well they would stick to the leaf if I cut it and moved it at the wiggle stage. Without getting into all the details, it took four times to get them all in there. The first time I put my hands in there and man they attacked me. It sure made me jump. It does not hurt but it just scares you and makes you jump. That time I used manicure scissors. The few that the mom put in her mouth real quick and the ones that she caught that fell a bit, she put them on another leaf and some fell to another leaf. She is really good. The male helped too. So, the next time, I remembered I had the long cutters for plants. I did not want her to get hurt going at me with the manicure scissors since the second time she was really ready to go at me. My daughter cut the leaf while I had a net this time. We had to do it again for the third leaf. By this time I had all the babies in the net. I thought I would just leave the net in so I did not have to move them to another tank which I htought would be more stressful on the young. The problem was, they found them in the cage net and were still agressive to my other fish. I thought that I would leave them in there overnight and worry about it today. Well, a few minutes went by and I noticed there were some wigglers on a leaf. I figured she found then in the gravel....she was looking for them. But, that was not it. We noticed that she was sucking them out of the cage from the bottom through the tiny holes. These holes are tiny but needed so debree does not get trapped in the cage. I can't believe she figured this out and could get them through there without hurting them. They were wiggling fine on the leaf. I could not win!

So, we had to do it one more time and after we got them in the cage I put them in the 14 gallon tank upstairs in the cage. They are still wiggling this morning. They may start swimming today. I hope they live. If not, maybe next time.

I started to set up my other large tank so I can get the pair out of the main tank. I meant to do this a long time ago but just did not get around to it. I will have to wait of course to get the tank cycled but it will not take too long since I will have some live plants from the main tank, main tank wanter and main tank live bacteria debree, etc.

I will keep you posted. I did do some research on here and saw that they have a fry jar that you can buy with a kit setup so you can keep them in the same tank. I will see how the parents raise them next time on their own and if they eat the fry, I will try the jar or net cage again. I think the jar looks to be the best bet. They may end up being the type of parents who will actually raise their fry and not eat them. They were determined!


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