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Ami 04-12-2012 10:39 AM

Pink convict cichlids -- help needed
Greetings all !
Last Sunday I acquired a 29 gallon tank with a TON of pink convict cichlids in it. A guy dropped the tank & fish off at the PETCO shop I frequent regularly, saying that he'd got sick of them. Since their company policy didn't allow them to sell it, they just gave it to me ! Fortunately I had a heater and a 40 gallon HOB filter. Also put in a bubble curtain for extra oxygen and some hornwort & anacharis from my other tanks. The tank didn't have any rocks, so I threw in some driftwood and rocks to create hiding places.

The tank has
Three 4.5-in males
Seven 3-in males & females
30-40 juvies ranging between 1/2 to 1 inch

I've noticed the males spar occasionally, but no injuries yet.

They're quite pretty, so I'd like to keep a few. However, I do need to get rid of most of them. Should I start by offering the largest to the mom-n-pop owned fish stores, or the smallest? Also , is it better to keep a single pair of grown ups, or a few juvies? If I could sex the small ones, I'd probably keep 3 pairs of the small ones and watch 'em grow up. But is this a good idea in the long term?
What worries me is that a male-female pair has claimed an upturned pot and is shooing others away. The female is in full breeding regalia and is quite pretty. Fortunately no eggs yet.

I read that the convicts breed like rabbits and are VERY aggressive...would it be a better choice to make a species only brichardi tank instead? (I read that they become one large family)


1077 04-12-2012 11:33 AM

Convict's are much easier to come by than to find homes for due to their temperment,and propensity for re-producing.
29 gallons is a bit small for more than a male /female pair and a few fry of the convict's.
I would opt for the Brichardi assuming my water was moderately hard to alkaline. pH 7.5 to 8.0.
Brichardi fry grow slowly and are maybe easier to re-locate when number's become too many,and adult brichardi are considerably smaller than adult convict's.

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