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TheKazpi 04-11-2012 10:47 PM

Tank Mates for Cichlids
So I have a juvenile Duboisi and juvenile assorted( i.e. electric yellow, orange and the blue ones) so I was just wondering what kind of tank mates they could be put with.

Tazman 04-12-2012 07:49 AM

As I mentioned in your other post, need to know exactly what fish you have to be able to offer suggestions for tank mates.
I suspect the orange one may be Metriclima estherae(red zebra)..but cannot be accurate without pictures.
Electric yellow will go with anything, your tank is only big enough for 12 fish maximum.

I am concerned as to what the blue ones may be and also if they came from an assorted cichlid tank, there is a good chance they are hybrids.

TheKazpi 04-12-2012 08:47 AM

So I found out the species of all my cichlids

The Duboisi
2 Electric Yellow(1 Albino)
2 Demasoni Cichlids
And 1 Red Zebra

Also keep in mind they are only max 1 inch right now because I got them as juveniles

Tazman 04-12-2012 09:14 AM

Juveniles means nothing when it comes to cichlids..juveniles can be aggressive as well. It basically gives you a slight safety net for them to grow before problems will arrive quick.

2 problems..electric yellow and albino labidochromis will not get along, they get aggressive to each other.
The red zebra will eventually breed with the yellow labs if it is the opposite sex to the labs or vice versa.

Demansoni, NOT what I wanted to here you had, major problem here...these guys get very aggressive and will need a ratio of 1 male to 7-8 or more females to keep aggression low, multiple males and it will be WW3.

Cichlids are not pairing fish, they are harem fish, in order to keep aggression low, multiple females need to be provided to a sexually active male. This way aggression is dispersed onto multiple females and not one female. They get aggressive at spawning time.

Long term if you want to keep all these together and not have problems, you will absolutely need a 75g or bigger tank. No if or buts, these fish will not live together to adulthood in a 55g tank.

Add the Dubosi into the mix and you WILL need a massive tank for them all (180g), the Dubosi alone needs to be kept in a group of 10 minimum. The Africans need to be in the correct male to female ratio otherwise you will have problems and deaths or illness.

I know this may sound harsh in what I am saying but the reality is cichlids are aggressive by nature and nothing we can do will prevent this, juveniles are programmed as such to be aggressive as well, otherwise they would be dead quick in the wild. We can as keepers, help to stem the aggression by providing the correct ratios in our aquariums and providing an environment which mimics what they have in the wild.

As I mentioned in your other post, lots and lots of rocks with plenty of caves and hiding holes, sand as a substrate as they like to dig.

Live plants, Jave fern, Java Moss and Anubias are hardy for the cichlids, they like to munch plants though. I would also seriously consider getting some BristleNose Plecos or Synodontis Multipunctus as bottom feeders (provide a piece of driftwood for both).

TheKazpi 04-12-2012 09:21 AM

This is exactly why i signed up for these forums. Thanks a bunch I will definitely adjust my tank to accommodate the fish better exactly like you said. I'm definitely going to get a bigger tank over the summer so by then I will have all the fish happy and dandy. Thanks a bunch for the info/

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