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fishfanJoey 04-05-2012 11:56 PM

angelfish pair?
Hey everyone!
After a fair amount of research i decided i want to get a nice mated pair of angelfish. now i don't necessarily want to grow the fry into adults to sell, i mean if the fry do live they live and i shall house them in an appropriately sized aquarium or give them away. i have two questions
1) what is the best way to get a relatively young pair?some say buy an established pair and others say buy 5 juvies and wait for a pair to form then rehome the others.
2)is it safe to put a few otos or cories with a mated pair?

Geomancer 04-06-2012 06:15 AM

1) They are of breeding age at sometime between 8 and 12 months old. To get a mated pair you would probably have to find a local breeder, or possibly online at a place like Aquabid. Getting 5-6 juveniles is another way to get a pair ... but I generally don't like the idea of then dumping the remainders on someone else. If it were me, I would keep all the Angels, but if a pair forms I would then remove that pair and put them in their own breeding tank.

2) If you don't intend to keep the fry, other completable fish can be kept with the Angels. They do turn aggressive when spawning, and while they are protecting the eggs. If threatened they likely will eat the eggs/fry. Their aggression usually results in them chasing off anyone who goes near where they lay the eggs. Once the other fish leave the area, they go back to the eggs. Because of that, I'd lightly stock the tank so the other fish don't cause too much stress to the Angels, and so the Angels don't stress everyone else out too much during spawning.

Otos are small enough to be food to a full grown Angel, but I don't know if they'd go after them or not. Cories are fine.

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