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Captain Jim Dandy 04-05-2012 02:02 PM

Better home-with goldfish or Cories?
I have "become owner" of four "white cloud minnows"-- They are temporarily in a ten gallon with three red serpae and four black skirt tetras. Too many fish in there for any length of time I know. Along with the minnows needing more swim area. I have aged water in a 29 gallon tank that has three adult cories and one rasbora tetra or another tank with two smallish goldfish. This goldfish tank is a corner tank-- about 35 gallons. Moving these minnows along with four more-- total of eight(that I haven't bought yet) this weekend. I tend to think they would be better off with the goldfish but not sure. I also have a 40 gallon "breeder" and another 55 gallon but these are not set up yet.(no extra cycled water). So I could use some advice..... Thanks..CJD

thekoimaiden 04-05-2012 02:49 PM

Wow. You've got a lot of tanks and fish. But thankfully you have options.

First off, a lot of those fish you have are schooling fish and need to be in groups of 6 or more. But since some are overcrowded I would hold off until you have them all in appropriately sized tanks. Second, water doesn't hold a cycle. If by cycled you mean treated, then you can treat water with dechlorinator, and it will be instantly safe for fish. This is good news. It means you can fill the 40 and 55. Last, what exactly is your "rasbora tetra"? Rasbora are cyprinids and tetra are characins, so this name makes no sense. If you're having trouble identifying it, you could post a picture.

Now for stocking, I would do (tentative until I learn the last two species)

55 gal - goldfish, as they get large, have a heavy bioload, and like a lot of swimming room; depending on the breed of goldfish you could actually keep the White Cloud Mountain Minnows with them.

40 breeder - Serpae tetra as they need a large swimming area and a big group; these guys are also fin-nippers and some recommend keeping them in a species-only tank

35 gal - haven't quite decided. if this is what I think it is, it's a really odd shaped tank.

29 gal - leave the cories, but add more as they also do best in schools of 6 or more. This is where I would put the black skirt tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi).

10 gal - depending on what your "rasbora tetra" is you could actually keep a group of them in here or just leave it as a quarantine tank.

And in case you haven't figured out, you can click on a highlighted fish name to see more info about it including tank size and min group size. We'll get your fish all sorted out. :)

Captain Jim Dandy 04-05-2012 03:18 PM

Koimaiden... Thank you so much for your response. It's helpful already. Unfortunately I must go to work now...May I get back to you about 4:00 a. m.? I don't know what this guy is-- he is not rasboro. Struggling with pic sending- not very tech savvy. He is bluish green with a yellow stripe length of body. Body shape like the minnows with bigger mouth. More later okay? Off to save the world--CJD

thekoimaiden 04-06-2012 01:47 PM

I'm clueless on what your mystery fish could be. Have you been able to find a picture of something like it online? Could you maybe draw a picture for us if you can't get a photo?


Originally Posted by Captain Jim Dandy
Well, I just spent 20 minutes trying to send you a message and when I tried to send it- had your name wrong and lost message. I like all you said about tanks and fish except the serpaes getting the 40 breeder. I had planned to put kribensis in there. But I could put the kribs in my last big tank... a 29 regular(well sorta big). Would about 8-10 more white minnows be good with goldfish in 55? And six more serpaes with the other 3? About four more blacks and four more cories? I may sound nuts but that's what I'm thinking. The 55 is halfway full... I'll arrange ornaments and filters and such before I finish it off. I found all these finned guys at walmart this morning while I bought 100lbs sand and 15 lbs black gravel . I need some river gravel, live plants and um, maybe food. Could you suggest food optimals? I probably should say options because I don't think I can get live Chinese crickets. Maybe I need some sleep huh? Sorry it took me so long getting back to you. Thanks...CJD

I don't know about the kribs. I'm not familiar with cichlids. Maybe someone else will have some input there. You could move the serpae tetra to the 29. It's large enough for them, but little else. I don't know if the cories could stay in there. Again I don't have direct experience with serpae tetra, but most upper level fish tend to leave the bottom dwellers along.

Your numbers are sounding good for the schooling fish. Going above the bare min of 6 is a great idea to reduce aggression and ensure for healthier fish.

The only holdup I have with the white cloud minnows and goldfish is if the goldfish are the bubble-eye type this won't be a good idea. The bubble-eyed goldfish don't do well with fast swimming fish. If the goldfish just have a round body, you should be fine. Just feed the goldfish by hand to make sure they get enough to eat.

For food, most of us here swear by New Life Spectrum. It's a great fish food. You'll probably have to get some different sizes for the different sized mouths, but the recipe is basically the same for all their food.

Captain Jim Dandy 04-14-2012 04:08 AM

Still sorting things out
Right now I have ten "white mountain minnows" in the 55 gallon tank. The four black-skirt tetras are with the three cories(who are pretty large) in one 29 gallon. Also in this 29 is my "mystery" who ends up being quite simply-- a black neon tetra-- which I couldn't identify because my light makes him look more blue... but he has the "teller"-the gold over his eyes.[feel like Capt. Dumbass].....So I feel I should find six or eight more black neons and put them in 55 with the white minnows. Are they compatible with each other? Or are the white minnows too crazy? I have rehomed the goldfish because I didn't want to deal with them for ten more years..hope you can forgive me for that Koimaiden.

thekoimaiden 04-14-2012 12:32 PM

No worries! Most people don't know how long goldfish live; they're not for everyone. It's great that they went to a good home. Glad we found out what they mystery fish was. Black neon tetra. I couldn't have guessed it. You can click on his shaded name to read more. There is very little temperature overlap for the white cloud mountain minnow and black neon tetra so maybe you should keep a shoal of black neons in the 35 gal if you don't have any other plans for it. You also could squeeze a small (6) shoal of them in the 10 gal, but it would be a little cramped for the fish.

Also would you mind listing out all your tanks and what fish you have in them (plus any planned additions)? I'm trying to keep everything straight but am having a little difficulty with it.

Captain Jim Dandy 04-14-2012 08:19 PM

Getting it straight
I have in my house as of now-- One 55gal, one 40 gallon breeder one 36-39 gallon corner(weird shape), two 29 gallon, five 10 gallon ,one 5 gallon,one 5 gallon mini-bow, two 2 gallon mini-bow, andseveral bowls. The only tanks with water are... the 55 contains 10 white minnows... a 29 has my black tetra, 4black-veil tetras, and 3 cories....three serpae tetras are in a 10 gallon...four neons,three cardinals,and two glo-lite tetras are in a ten...and I have a ten with 8 fry of some sort. The lady I bought some tanks from said they must be neons but they don't have forked tails and the only color I see is orangish and little black etchings. They look suspisiously like platys to me. That's fine-- maybe they could live with white minnows- just joking, temp. problem again. And I have one male and one female betta that have their own 10 gallon.Each their own that is. I am in a bit of a stall right now.. had to pick up some hours at work due to emergency. So, not enough accomplished,but trying to do it right. Hope that's more clearfor you...I welcome your advice.

thekoimaiden 04-14-2012 11:38 PM

Wow you've got a lot of tanks, but that is great news. If something goes really wrong you can just plop one species in a 10 gal for a bit.

Orange and black? That does sound like a platy. Take a look at the pictures in our profiles and see if you can make a match. The good news is, they can live with the white clouds. Platies and a lot of livebearers actually come from cooler than average tropical temp waters.

More good news is that a lot of the small tetra can live together. The neons, cardinals, glowlights, corydoras, and black neons all come from similar waters. Provided each species has a school of 6 or more, you'll be set. You could throw these schools in the 55 gallon and plant it. AqAdvisor stocking for 55 gal I am hesitant to suggest this to beginner aquarist because most see it as a be-all-end-all kinda thing. As long as you take it as a guideline, it can be a great tool.

Move the platies and minnows to the 40 gallon (you'll want to keep the temp between 70F and 74F). You can actually keep the black veil tetra in there, too; they could also be with the other tetra in the 55 gal, but that might make the aquarium look a little crowded. AqAdvisor stocking for 40 gal.

This leaves open one 29 gal for the serpae tetra and a bottom-dwelling fish like bristlenose pleco or more corydoras if you feel like it. The other 29 gallon can be used for your kribs when/if you get them. And you still have the 35 gal corner tank if you decide you want to remove one or two species from the 55 gal (if you think it looks too crowded). The betta will be fine where they are. How is this sounding?

Have you ever had to stuff a bunch of boxes and bags in a car to move? My friends and I call that tetris packing (did it a lot moving too and from college). This is kinda like tetris stocking! :lol:

Captain Jim Dandy 04-15-2012 01:39 AM

More clear-
Yes, This is all adding up and making good sense... I believe I will go along with the kribs getting the smaller tank- there will only be two of them. The "platies?" are still too small to be with the minnows I think. I haven't really found a pic of fry to match yet. Been looking at Lethrinops sp. Red Cap Itungi and liking them. They like hard water too. Um..back to subject at hand- must admit not sure what to do with cories now. I have a problem called summer heat..All my water is nearly 80 degrees without air-conditioning and I'm kinda cheap. Suppose I must experiment how to get this temp. down. Will a fan blowing across top of water do anything? Guess I've got to live a little more comfortable this year. Not all bad? So after I get through this week of extra work-- I'll be off to get a half dozen each tetras and see if we can all be happy!

thekoimaiden 04-15-2012 12:01 PM

Oh my. Those Lethrinops sp. Red Cap Itungi are pretty fish. I must admit. I had to look them up because I know basically nothing about cichlids other than they're purdy and some like liquid rock water

I would put the cories in the 55 gal with all the tetra. The top is going to look a little busy and it might be nice to have some movement in the bottom of the tank. Plus, they are a really entertaining fish.

Don't worry about being frugal (better word than cheap ;-) ). The good news about the minnows is that they are a temperate fish which means they are fine with gradual, seasonal temp swings. They might even spawn for you in the warm water (this is how they are spawned in their native country, China). If you think the fish are suffering in the warm water (you see gasping at the surface, lethargy, or paleness) then the fan trick is a great idea. I use it all the time with my goldfish. Doing a water change with cooler water also helps. Making sure the tank is in a cooler area of the house helps, too.

I can't wait to see your tanks when they are done! It's been exciting working with you to figure out who goes where.

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