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TrashmanNYC 12-04-2007 11:02 PM

46g Bowfront

Lupin 12-05-2007 01:18 AM

Nice tank.:) No fish yet?

willow 12-05-2007 09:49 AM

lovely looking tank you have there. :)

verbosity 12-05-2007 10:05 AM

Nice Tank!
Holy Crap at all the bubbles coming out of your rock!!
I have that same rock twice :)
Both times they came with the tank.

Amphitrite 12-05-2007 10:05 AM

Very nice tank. I see from your blurb that you have a couple of fish in there already. What else do you plan on adding to it?

TrashmanNYC 12-05-2007 10:24 AM

theres 2 tiger barbs and a red fin shark in there so far.........
not sure what im gonna add yet..........

willow 12-05-2007 10:40 AM

only two tiger barbs :shock:
don't mean to be rude here,but they need really to be
in a large group,you could have a problem on your hands,
when introducing new fish,they will probably attack them.:(
a large group of mixed barbs would look lovely in there. :)

beetlebz 12-07-2007 05:49 PM

I love the decor! we MUST get more pictures when you add the rest of your happy family :)

blueblue48 12-08-2007 01:06 PM

great looking tank, is that a homeade cave in the middle there :?:

Falina 12-08-2007 09:03 PM

Nice tank.

I like the skulls, but then I would... :lol:

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