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rhymon78 04-03-2012 12:05 PM

Help, Botia Kubotai behaviour.....
Just a little concerned about my Botia Kubotai loaches..

I added 4 to my aquarium on Saturday and really love them, they have been getting on great until this morning I noticed two of them were spinning around each other and appeared to be fighting, this seemed to go on for ages, until I had to leave for work so not sure how long it continued for. The one that seemed worse off looked as if it had lost a lot of its markings, the color had faded on the markings.

I read somewhere online that this is normal behaviour and it is just them figuring out who's boss, just wanted the community's thoughts on this. If anyone has these fish (I know Byron has!) and can put my mind at rest that would be great, I have a little room to add a couple more if need be, if that will help? I dont want the one being picked on getting too stressed by this.
Cheers in advance peeps...

Byron 04-03-2012 04:44 PM

Nothing to worry about. Mine do this all the time. And two were spawning last week, making similar motions, and also lost their colour. I have never observed any physical damage from this when it ocurs between males. This is a prime example of the need for a group for almost any loach species, they have a high level of social interaction continually.

rhymon78 04-03-2012 05:18 PM

Cheers Byron,

they seem to be ok this evening, back their usual selves. its funny, I got these danios and ever since the loaches have been in there the danios have been copying their behaviour with the rootling in the substrate.. its very amusing, they spend a lot of time right on the substrate level zooming about, they don't bother the loaches, it literally seems like they are just copying them. the danios are funny things, very inquisitive and interactive.

can always count on a good response from you!
all the best.

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