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dwatt31 04-01-2012 12:59 PM

New to fish and the forum!
Hey all!,

I am very new to both fish keeping and the forum but the community has been a great help so far. I recently picked up a 7 gallon tank (freshwater) equipped with a 15 watt light and filter (Ill supply specs later), and have used the forum to help me with the filtration process and prepping the tank.

I am very interested in getting a betta fish, 3 other small guppies, and maybe a small catfish a little later. I have heard though that guppies and bettas rarely get along though and I a nervous that the betta may attack the fish when they are introduced. So I have a few questions,

1) should I introduce all the fish at the same time?
2) is it worth the risk to put guppies and a betta in the same environment?
3) will the catfish disturb/aggitate the beta or guppies?
4) how heavily planted to freshwater fish prefer their environment? *pictures to be added later

thanks for the help!

thekoimaiden 04-01-2012 01:19 PM

Welcome to both the hobby and the forum! A betta is a great choice for a 7 gallon tank, but a 7 gallon tank is a little small to add anything else. Generally we recommend having at least 10 gallons to house a betta with other fish. And even then it is no guarantee that the betta will accept the other fish. Always have a backup plan in cases like this.

Personally, what I would do is have the betta in the 7 gal and get another larger tank to have the guppies and catfish (but only some species are small enough to fit). Or if you feel you can only take care of one tank, then return the 7 gal for a 10 gal tank. But you have to think about what will happen if your betta doesn't like the other fish.

For prepping a tank, you should check out this thread:

Byron 04-01-2012 02:49 PM

I am in the rather large company of aquarists who maintain that Betta really are not community fish, and recommend a male Betta be housed alone, always. It simply is not worth the risk--to the Betta (many "peaceful" small fish will really get nasty at nipping a Betta given the opportunity) or to other fish (Betta frequently take a dislike to various other fish). Keep male Betta alone.:-)

And, welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum, and to the hobby.:-D


dwatt31 04-01-2012 03:25 PM

Thanks for the responses! So, it seems like the betta is not the best choice alongside other fish. I want to try to utilize the space to the fullest extent so would it be better to not go for the betta and instead take on 3 guppies or similar smaller schooling fish? I can't really have a tank much larger than the one I have at the moment and I know that the general rule of thumb is 1" of fish per gallon of water. So would it be ok to just go for the three guppies?

dwatt31 04-01-2012 03:50 PM

To add a little more to my tank situation so I can get the best fish for the environment: I have the tank at about 74 degrees Fahrenheit, 7.8 PH, 40 Alkalinity, 150 Hard, and 0 nitrates.

Byron 04-01-2012 05:29 PM

We're dealing with a fairly small space. Three male guppies (no females) are OK [adding a female means fry regularly], or perhaps Endlers Livebearer which is quite a beautiful guppy-related livebearer. There are also several other "dwarf" species that suit such tanks, especially when planted. Ember Tetra, Dwarf Rasbora, Emerald Dwarf Rasbora, Scarlet Badis, Sparkling gourami, Mosquito Rasbora, to name a few that come to mind.

Your water is soft with low KH so this is quite suitable to most of what I've mentioned. The pH will likely lower as the tank matures biologically, and for some of these fish this could be helped along initially by using some rainwater mixed with the tap water.

Check the profiles, the names have shaded meaning there is a profile for that species.


dwatt31 04-01-2012 09:31 PM

thanks much Byron, ill look into these dwarf species!

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