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Ashy 03-31-2012 01:47 PM

My new female Mollie had babies!
I was not expecting them AT ALL. I thought she looked a little big (I knew what to look for because my bff's black mollie had babies a month 1/2 or so ago) and then yesterday when I looked at the tank, I seen a baby!

Now my question is, do I keep the mother separated with the babies or do I go ahead and let her back in the tank? I have a breeder in there so they are separated from the other mollies as we did not want them to get eaten at all. I just was not sure how long or if I should have the momma mollie up too or not. Thanks in advance!

Savannah 03-31-2012 02:50 PM

you can remove the mother if you want every single baby but you can put her back in most likely a couple of babys will get eaten but they'll soon grow big enough that they can't get eaten and mollies usually don't show very much interest in them.One of my platys in my 20 gal. had a couple of batches of babys but I left her and another tank mate wich was a molly in their and not one that I saw got eaten they didn't even realy pay much atention to them unless they swam right in front of them and as long as you have plants for them to hid in they will do fine.I would watch out becaues mollies can have up to 4 more batches with (10-50 EACH BATCH of babys from only one time mating) So your tank will probly soon get over stocked with them.This is what happened to my platy and I eventuly had to give the babys and mother away.

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