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Egrant 03-30-2012 12:53 PM

Rubbing against rocks
Anyone know why cichlids will sometimes rub up against the rocks? Like they are trying to scratch their backs. Looks wierd!

afishcalledlinda 03-30-2012 02:06 PM

they may just have an itch-just keep watching them incase

CatSoup 04-01-2012 08:58 PM

Mine do the same thing occasionally. I'm new to cichlids, but I really enjoy their quarks. Maybe just because I have 5 mischievous boys and they remind me of them. ;)

Tazman 04-02-2012 07:17 AM

It can a sign that they are ready to spawn and displaying.

Monitor as well in case of ich.

skelator 04-03-2012 03:25 PM

mine were doing that i thought it was spawning so i ignored it. turns out it was ich and my stupidity cost me a convict and a nice jack dempsey :(

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