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Exterrestrial 03-29-2012 07:09 PM

Cherry Barb missing a tail
I have been treating my 55g because it had a fungal infection. (All signs are gone now, just says I'm supposed to treat for a few more days) All my Cherry Barbs were fine, then today I notice one of my cherry barbs is missing his entire tail fin. In my tank I have Pearl Gouramis, Cherry barbs, Golden barbs, loaches, and corys.

They never fin nip or chase eachother. I thought maybe it got caught someone on a rock? But I have yet to find his tail..

Any suggestions? Should I treat the poor fellow with anything? He's still getting around and eating. The end of his body isn't infected or anything.

Byron 03-30-2012 10:53 AM

To my knowledge there are only two reasons that a fish's tail would disappear. Either disease (like fin rot) or being nipped off. In either case, you will not find the tail, it is simply "consumed" by something.

If you have been treating for fungus, that could be it (the fungus). But that does not rule out nipping, from some of the fish you have: some loaches nip, the cherry barb themselves might, and the Golden Barb is a nipper--though I would expect the Gourami to be its target.

Have a read of our profiles, these fish are included.

By the way, barbs are not characins, they are cyprinids, so I have moved this thread to that section.


Exterrestrial 03-30-2012 02:22 PM

Okay, thank you. The Golden Barbs are sometimes nippy, though never to the gouramis. I noticed all but 1 of my cherry barbs have tails that look like they've been nipped at. I'll move the Goldens to a different tank and see how they do.

Thank you

& Sorry about posting in the wrong section, I was in a hurry. Thank you for moving it for me.

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