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ttmmm2001 12-03-2007 12:19 AM

Need help identifying this fuzz =)
I purchased some java moss from my LFS about a year ago and placed it in my 29g tropical tank. It appears to be healthy and have never had any problems with it other than it had trumpet snails in it.
About 6 months ago i started a 10 gallon tank and put some of the moss in. The moss gets alot better light in the 10g tank and grew really quickly.

The problem now is something is growing on the moss and i don't know if it is a fungus or alge or what. It started out looking like a loose hair had gotten into the tank but then it spread like crazy. its made of really thin strands that are white/green.

Here is a pick of the normal healthy moss in the 29g tank:

And here are some pics of the stuff growing on the moss in the 10g tank:

My question is what is this stuff and is it dangerous? anyway to get rid of it and get my moss back to normal?

Lupin 12-03-2007 03:46 AM

Looks like algae to me. What are your water parameters? How much lighting do you have in that tank? Are you using fluorescent?

ttmmm2001 12-03-2007 03:32 PM

My temp runs about 79 F,
tests run out as follows:
Nitrate - 40
Nitrite - 0
GH - 150
KH - 200
pH - 8.0

I know the Nitrate is high because today is water change day, but other than that everything is normal.
The tank is lighted by a standard flurencent tube, i think it is 24 inches long, it is a normal 10 gallon tank.

daisycutter 01-07-2008 06:08 AM

im having problems with this same kind of fuzz and several other kinds of fuzz nothing seems to eat it either imy water parameters i good so i suspect its lighting or something i havent tested for

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