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BarbH 03-30-2012 12:09 AM

Thinking about stocking list
I have been doing some research on the different type of fish that I would like to keep in my 72 g bowfront that I am getting ready to set up. So far I am thinking about a pair of clowns either percula or ocellaris and a royal gramma for sure. Other fish that I am thinking about are possibly doing a few different wrasses, have been doing my research on them. Another fish that I have been thinking about is a foxface lo (vulpinus) or a one spot foxface ( unimaculatus), The plans for this tank is to start off as a fowlr with eventually moving into trying corals. Possibly some lps, still researching on corals and thinking about doing dyi leds for the tank.

The question that I have is if the tank would be large enough for doing a foxface, for both of the ones I am thinking about the minimum tank size for both fish on live aquaria is 70 gallons. If I was to do one of the foxfaces I would be adding them to the tank later down the road, I am thinking around 4 months after the tank has cycled and is ready for adding fish. I am trying to stay with fish that are considered to be fairly peaceful and also consider reef safe so that if I do add corals later on I will hopefully have less problems with my fish and corals.

I would like to hear about anyones experience with the foxface, I do know that they are venemous so caution does need to be taken with handling them. I know I will be posting more questions as I come up with more of a plan on my stocking list, right now trying to get a general idea in the way in which I am heading.

SEAWEED54 03-30-2012 10:36 AM

Always take into account when buying from any online dealer they tell you the current size tank needed not the over all size down the line

take my example:

I was going to go with a powder blue hippo tang which they said would be fine in a 37 gal bow front until I found out they can get as big as 12+ inches

as for fox faces if your going coral they will eat them just a FYI

here is my plans and all the fish are both compatible and coral safe

good luck with your tank :-P

Reefing Madness 03-30-2012 12:51 PM

Fox Face are Reef safe. They are veggie eaters and will not pick on corals.

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