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pvallejo31 03-29-2012 06:48 PM

Pregnant Mollies and guppies please help
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I posted here a couple of days ago about my balloon mollie thinking she was pregnant, well she was she delivered 1 day ago and unfortunatly the babies did not live. She is smaller but I still see a dark spot ( gravid??), can she still have babies??

Next question, I have a dalmation molly that i bought at the same time, I thought she was just chunky, however today her stomach looks squared off, i think she might be pregnant too, possibly close to giving birth??? she is constantly by the water heater, please look at picture,

Last question, another picture is of my orange guppie, she also is pregnant but i cannot tell how far along, unlike my darker guppie who has a gravid spot and i can see eyes, with her I only see the orange eggs, no eyes, not sure how close to delivery I will see that, or if i will at all, the orange (light colored ) guppy is looking like she is about to square off? I have the breeder tank with divider but how can I fit all 3 of these fishes in there...I want to save them if possible, I have a 10 gallon for the babies...please help, I am new to fish so any advise would be welcomed...

afishcalledlinda 03-29-2012 07:08 PM

the molly is prego the others dont appear to be -the gups usally get a dark spot witch is the babies so i would just put the molly in isolation unless she seems to be happy where she is

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