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Canadian Fish 03-28-2012 03:35 PM

Does My New Aquarium Need a Light?
I got a good deal in the local classifieds. This 30 gallon tank, with an Aquaclear 70 filter, a heater, thermometer, some cheesy decorations and the stand for $60 Canadian. Woo hoo, not a bad deal.

Prob is, there is no light. (There is a hood) LFS wants $55 for a 30" strip light which means I will literally double my expenditure.

I posted some local want ads looking for such a light, but in the meantime, do I need the light?

I will not be growing plants. I don't want my fish to be miserable, but there is light in the room all day. I wouldn't keep them in the dark.

My wife is getting more interested in fish. (Awesome!) She wanted a school of bleeding heart tetras in our 20 or 55 gallon tanks, and she wanted a small 5 gallon table top bowl for the kitchen.

Well, I talked her into getting this 30 gallon for the kitchen. Now she can keep her bleeding heart tetras in there, and I can keep my 55 gallon for Rainbowfish.

We had a dining room table, but our son took the dining room for a playroom. So we put the table in our kitchen (we always eat in front of the TV anyway, we're those people). Now, to accommodate more fish, our table is stored in the basement, and the bar has come up from the basement, into the kitchen, to create a white trash breakfast nook.

Nice tank though.

Shame there's no light. ;)

Boredomb 03-28-2012 04:01 PM

If you plan on just having fish only then no it doesn't need a light. If you want to add live plants then you will need a light. Most of the fish come from deem waters so they will be fine. The light is solely for us to see better.

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