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bulldogowner2 03-27-2012 12:18 AM

One Angelfish not acting right
One of my Angelfish is not acting right. It isn't eating when I feed them, it is not swimming around like the the other ones, it is staying to itself and at the back of the aquarium to the bottom. It looks okay. Should I be worried ?

Boredomb 03-27-2012 12:22 AM

Well I wouldn't think that would be normal. I have 5 in my tank and o never see mine on the bottom of the tank hiding. What size is your tank? What else do you have in there? Do you know what you parameters are?

bulldogowner2 03-27-2012 12:28 AM

I have Angelfish, Tetra, Gourami, red tail shark. 55 gal tank and all my test reading are good the aquarium is set at 82F

Boredomb 03-27-2012 12:54 AM


Originally Posted by bulldogowner2 (Post 1026245)
I have Angelfish, Tetra, Gourami, red tail shark. 55 gal tank and all my test reading are good the aquarium is set at 82F

How long have you had the Angelfish? Also how many do you have of each fish?
Angelfish and Gouramis shouldn't be housed together for aggression reasons have you seen any between the two? Also if you have more then one Angelfish there can be aggression between them.
Is there a reason you have the temp set at 82? That is too high for some of the fish you have in your tank.

bulldogowner2 03-27-2012 01:05 AM

Iv'e had them for a little over a month now, I have 4 angels, 11 tetra, 1 gourami and 1 red tail shark. I have never seen arrression with the gourami towards any fish. I read some where the take should be at that temp. What should the temp be?

Boredomb 03-27-2012 01:12 AM

Well the Red Tailed Shark shouldn't be in temps any higher then 78 so somewhere between 76-78 would be where I start.

Geomancer 03-27-2012 06:32 AM

Angelfish going on a hunger strike is fairly common when they are stressed, so I would say that's a pretty good indication that something isn't right for him. It could be an illness, or could be something larger.

You said you've had the tank for 1 month. Did you cycle the tank for 4-8 weeks before adding fish? Or were the fish in the tank before that 4-8 week period?

Do you have an Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate test kit? If so, what are the readings? If not, go buy one. The API Master Test Kit is ideal.

What is your pH? Do you know if you have hard or soft water (GH would be really helpful to be specific)?

82 degrees is too high for some of your fish, but not for Angelfish. Wild caught ones actually need a temp in the low 80's.

A Red Tailed Shark is not a community fish, it will turn aggressive if it hasn't already. The aggression grows as they get older. You can click the shaded name to learn more by reading the profile here.

As already mentioned, Gourami are not a good choice to go with Angelfish. Angelfish are slow swimmers, sedate, and do not take well to any kind of aggression, fin nipping, or fast swimming fish. Gourami can be somewhat aggressive, more so in some species than others, but none are suitable with Angelfish.

Aggression is not always something seen, it can happen at night and it can happen simply from pheromones the fish release into the water. They can 'smell' the other fish and their mere presence can stress them.

Angelfish also come from dimly lite environments, so floating plants are a very good idea to provide shade. They also like to swim around lots of branches.

bulldogowner2 03-27-2012 09:29 AM

The tank cycled for 2 weeks before fish were added, The kit I have freshwater comparison chart the readings are
Nitrate 0
Nitrite 0
hardness 75 soft
alkalinity 80 moderate
ph 7.2 neutral

I have turn the temp down on the tank.
My sister is setting up a aquarium and we have to let it cycle and she is taking the red tail and the gourami.
What are good plants to float in the aquarium ? Someone told me I could put my house vine in there, can you do that?

Geomancer 03-27-2012 09:47 AM

Well, two weeks isn't enough time, not unless it was seeded from an established tank. Usually the cycle takes a minimum of 4 weeks. Sometimes it can be less, but not often. The fact that you have zero Nitrate (and Nitrite) would suggest you are still in the very early stages. Is it a liquid test, or test strips?

There should be a spike of Ammonia, then as it goes down a spike in Nitrite, then Ammonia will go to zero and Nitrates start to rise. Eventually both Ammonia and Nitrite will be zero will Nitrate slowly climbs over time and can only be reduced through partial water changes.

Unless you have several live plants already? Live plants will use the ammonia before the bacteria can, so very little bacteria will form. Plants can also use Nitrates so it isn't unusual to see 0-5 ppm readings of Nitrate in heavily planted tanks.

What is your Ammonia readings? Anything above zero is bad, and causes the fish to be stressed and long term health problems.

Your hardness and pH are fine for the Angels.

For floating plants Water Sprite I hear is really good, but I haven't personally used it. I plan to in the near future, read the profile to get the scientific name. There are a couple species that have the same common name, but the one featured in the profile is the one that works best floating.

Other options are Brazilian Pennywort (I didn't like it), Amazon Frogbit (I like this one), or Duckweed (Haven't tried it, too small for my taste).

bulldogowner2 03-27-2012 10:21 AM

I have plant in the tank already, but none of them float

2 Giant Marimo Ball
5 Vallisneria Spiralis
2 Heteranthera zosterifolia
1 Red Tiger Lotus
I also have African Mopani Wood in the aquarium
and use Indian Almond Leafs

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