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jaybyrd 12-01-2007 05:27 PM

Full tank shots of my first tank - 55 gallon 23 individuals
I love this forum! I am looking at all the old posts and am learning what a great community of people there are out there! The fish have names of course... and they do play quite a bit. One of the nicest revelations is that fish are great pets! They see me when I come home and flock to the top left of the tank to be fed and the dwarf gouramis actually like to make contact with my finger almost like petting. So here are their names:
pearl gourami - Bandit
opalescent gourami - B.B. King ( BB )
gold gourami - Santana
pink kissing gourami - Mick ( jagger )
neon dwaf gourami - Zack ( Wylde )
2 powder blue Dwarves - Joe & Satriani
2 red flame dwarves - Steve & Vai
Sushi the Betta
Pleco - Frank ( Zappa )
4 Danios - the torpedo gang
7 Barbs - lil' nippers
The water was changed a little steeper than the normal weekly 10% (33% this time) prior to these photos. The ph has become more acidic so I added a few shells to raise the ph to a more alkaline reading. Thanks for the help willow. You guys are great! Now for a ciclid tank... and then ?? WHO KNOWS!
J :arrow: :BIGgrin: :BIGgrin:

jaybyrd 12-01-2007 06:53 PM

how could I forget to list the main survivor of the original inhabitants! Lucky, the feeder minnow. Lucky was one of the original feeders for the evil 3.5" comic ( geoffry Dahlmer ) and the laid back south georgia brim I inherited with the tank. Lucky was no bigger than a small air bubble back then. He is now 1" long and beautiful! He is a single survivor of up to 60 minnows that geoffrey mutilated and ate. By the way, my wife released the brim and the goldfish in a hugh swan and duck pond down the street. We believe deeply in the preservation of all life. Unfortunately the brim and goldfish only ate live bait.


SeaSerpant 12-15-2007 08:35 PM

any close up images.

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