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Jester10 03-21-2012 06:07 PM

Potential Problem
Hello I have an issue that is not a problem yet but I fear it may become one. My mom spotted a pair of beautiful dwarf gourami at the lfs and brought them home. The issue is we have 5 angels. From what the profile says on them these two are not good nieghbors. This is were it gets strange. The two species couldn't care less about the other they mind their own business. The angel clan does their thing and red and blue swim about doing their thing. I have pictures in my profile but they are less than great. My question is because why don't they get along and is it just a most of the time thing that they are bad tank mates or is it a case by case basis and the fishes temperment plays a part in these two being together.
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Byron 03-21-2012 08:12 PM

That is a good question. We know some general things about certain fish species related to behaviour, but each fish can to a limited extent be unique, and at the same time environmental factors can affect fish in different ways.

The reason angelfish and gourami should not be together is due to their very similar temperaments; the males of both species are very territorial, and this usually mean aggressive--when the mood strikes them. It is best not to combine them because the dominant angel or the dominant male gourami might one day decide he is fed up with those other fish invading "his" territory, and off he goes. Result can at best be very stressed fish, or at worst, dead fish.

Some have tanks with both fish and no apparent problems. Sometimes this lasts for a while, then game over. Others put the two species in a tank and one kills the other within days.

Another quite unrelated problem with dwarf gourami is their health. You can read about this in our profile [click the shaded name]. Many do not recommend even buying dwarf gourami unless you know exactly where they came from, by which I mean, the breeder, not the store.


Jester10 03-21-2012 08:16 PM

Well my parents brought them home... didn't really have a choice. =/ but they are beautiful and I have read the profile and do my best to keep them healthy
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