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fayejohnstone 03-21-2012 02:20 PM

Black knife ghost fish help
I got 2 bgf today i didn't really no what i was getting the man that sold me them told me they were good fish and easy to look after and they could be in the same tank as my other 14 small fish as this is what he had them in with . But when I came home and looked it up they don't seem that easy to look after I don't have the proper food for them but they do seem to be eating flake food that i put in for the other fish is this ok for them? I also read that these fish are ment to be shy I do have bushes and thing in the tank for them to hide but from the moment i put them in they haven't been in them once they are just swimming about. I have now also been told that i should not have got 2 I don't want them to die the only good thing is that my tank is big enough for then it is 5f long and 2f wide. any help with these fish would be great thanks

nicolaas 03-22-2012 02:19 PM

Pleas take out one knife that tank is just big enough for one it is way to to small for two.
Try to take it back to the store.

Try to feed the one you keep,tetra wafers(mine loves them) sinking pellets, also if you take some flake and put it in the water and wave it down with your hand they pic it up.

Keep your water clean and at a low PH about 6-7.

What other fish do you have in the tank?

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