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ara35 11-30-2007 02:04 PM

african butterfly fish stocking
i have a 15 gallon tank that is currently being cycled. i was hoping to add the following:
- african butterfly fish
- 6 cories

and i was hoping i could get something else in the tank that the abf wont eat. its a regular 15 gallon tank so the dimensions are 24"x12"x12". help me out if you can please!

Lupin 11-30-2007 07:27 PM

Hi Ara.

The problem is that there isn't many fish that will really fit in a 15g other than those with means to defend themselves such as corydoras.

tophat665 12-06-2007 08:38 PM

I don't know as I would put an ABF in a 15. If I did, then that and cories is about it.

MattD 12-06-2007 11:36 PM

I had my ABF for several months in my 40 gal with 6 Cories. Not sure how he'd act but I'm sure your Cories would be all right. He was bigger than my Betta, and my Betta beat him down (RIP ABF :( ) in one night. The armored cories and their spike of death will be just fine. They never really leave the surface anyway (mine did once in a while though), so the two species are almost exclusively opposite to one another. They do (from what I've seen) become slightly hostile during feeding, they go in fast and dirty.

An interesting fish, mine ate freeze dried mysis. Provide with some floating plants. Mine were plastic and I just tore them up to make large chunks of plants and he would hang out in them. An easy, effective technique.

If you did this, these fish would be all you could keep.

Good luck, keep us updated.


MattD 12-08-2007 05:07 PM

So? Did you get one? 8)

Heiko Bleher 12-13-2007 04:13 PM

Hi, all of you

my name is Heiko Bleher and I just returned from Greece, were I did hold some lectures (10) and mostly about natural biotopes of fishes in South America.

All participants tthis last weekend, did appreciate my talks very much (see and all wanted to do their aquarium as in nature, nature-like-aquariums. To give fishes the natural enviroment and the natural companions.

I do not know if you understand, what I am trying to say. The message is: a African butterfly fish (Pantodon buchholzii) has never seen a cory (any Corydoras species) in his life, he does not know is it a predator or peaceful fish, and vice versa. We should (actually must) understand, that fishes are intelligent living creatures which know very well whom they live with. A goldfish will never know a discus and cannot associate with it. If one decorates an aquarium which has nothing to do with the fishes environment, he will feal out-of-place, he will not understand the world anymore and never be a happy fish. (I do not think that anyone of you would feel comfortable on the Moon...).

I am promoting "Bleher's Biotopes" (the name some gave it to my authentic nature aquariums) around the world for a long time and lately over 20 international magazines as well. You can also see some on my website:
click into Fairs & Exhibitions and Heiko Bleher's Biotopes. You can not only find biotopes from around the world (also from Africa, with butterfly fishes, as they should be kept in aquaria), but read details about the decoration of each and the composition of the species, as they live in nature together.
Each time I do such authentic biotope decoration, immediately the fishes feel very well in their "house", their "own" decoration and with ist companions, each species knows the inmate and soon they start to spawn (in most of the cases it happened the first day I placed them together in their authentic home...).
My authentic biotopes have made waves and now the largest Russian Publisher, even publishes from 2007 on a yearly issue called:
"Bleher's Biotopes in nature and Aquaria" (you can see it also at my website, already on the home page).

So guys, try to help your beloved fishes. To do a nature-like-aquarium is very easy and for sure all your fishes will say "thank you".

All the very best, merry Christmas and a very healthy and happy new year with a new start for your fishes, that I wish you all from my (fish)heart



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