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Keribeary 11-29-2007 09:08 PM

Need help with tank
I have a 6 gallon tank. Is that too small to have a thriving and neat community? I was told you can have one fish to every gallon. Is that true. Right now I have one zebra daneo, two fancy guppy things, a bottom feeder, frog ( not dwarf) and also two fiddler crabs. Is that too much? Can I add more? Obviously very new to this need HELP Please!

willow 11-30-2007 02:23 AM

hello and welcome aboard. :)
well i don't want to throw thousands of questions at you :)
and send you to the pit of dispare :)
how long has your tank been running,how did you cycle it,
what are your water readings,amonia,nitrate,nitrite.
Danios i would have said would be better off in a larger tank,
get shot of the crabs,they will eat your fish.
a bottom feeder ? is it a cory ? they are best suited to a group.
ok now i know this all seems a little bit pants what i'm saying,
all is not lost,don't worry,and most of all don;t give up,
my little tank is the same size as yours and i have Endlers livebarers
and shrimp,it made a pretty little tank.
i just think you may need to change your inhabitants,to get the most out of your aquarium.
i hope other people will pop in and give some thoughts.

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