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Devo949 03-18-2012 07:02 PM

Judge My Aquarium/ what is this
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Judge my aquarium

Gimme some feedback. how do my fish look ? is this a suitable atmosphere? any more feedback
Its a heated 20 gallon with the following fish 2 neon tetras 2 fancy guppies 1 half moon beta 3 cat fish and 1 pleco.

none seem to be aggressive.

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What is this
In my sisters new aquarium she has 10 gold fish and one frog in a cold freshwater tank.
today 3 fish are dead and the frogs leg is covered with this white fuz . could anyone identify this????

GwenInNM 03-18-2012 07:20 PM

I commented on another thread you got on, but I will say you need more tetras and a couple more of the catfish (cory's) you have.

As far as the poor frog, probably a bacterial and/or fungus infection from water not kept clean and properly heated. He'll be doomed, likely if something is not done immediately. Not sure what to tell you for treatment. Hope someone else does. At least do a big water change, and get a heater in there.


Byron 03-18-2012 07:25 PM

Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.

You posted on the white disease issue in another thread and I made a couple of comments, so won't repeat that here. One of our goldfish experts should have more.

To the 20g tropical tank. You have a mix of fish that are not compatible, as I will briefly outline below. You will see the fish names shaded, which means you can click on the name for that species' profile with more info.

The "pleco" is actually a Hillstream Loach. This fish needs cooler water, and a good current from the filter. It is hiding in the plastic plant for good reason, stress.

The Betta needs warm water, much warmer than the loach can stand long-term. It can also be aggressive to small colourful fish like the neon tetra, eventually even if not now. I had a Betta who ate neons.

Neon tetra like all tetra must be in a group. They prefer soft slightly acidic water.

The catfish is a cory, looks like a Corydoras paleatus. It will adapt to slightly soft or medium hard water.

The guppy is a livebearer and thus needs medium hard or harder water and a basic pH. This is also not a good match for Betta.

Before you decide to add more neons or anything, you need to find out your water parameters, namely hardness and pH. The hardness you should be able to get from the water supply folks. The pH too, though a test kit for pH is a good investment.


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