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Salty Baulls 03-18-2012 01:56 PM

Salty's 5.5 FW Planted
Hi everyone, Ive had saltwater tanks for years. I think ive got a decent start with my first fw planted tank. Its got an aqueon pro 50 heater, aquaclear 20 hang on filter with seachem matrix carbon, seachem matrix biomedia. I have NO idea what the names of any of the plants are with the exception of the anubias. any identification with care recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!

thekoimaiden 03-18-2012 04:28 PM

Hey Salty! Welcome to the freshwater side of things! You look like you've got a great setup. The heater and filter are great models. I would just remove the carbon as it takes out nutrients that the plants need. Duckweed is floating on the top (great choice). I know I see some java fern (far back on the right) in there, but I'm not sure about the other plants. You might have some problems with your fish, tho. Cardinal tetra (blue streak) need to be in schools of 6 or more. They can get nippy otherwise, and the fins of your guppy will be a prime target. If you have female guppies in there you will soon have babies, and this will make the bio-load larger. You are probably going to have to rework your fish stocking. But no worries. That's one of the things we do best here! :-)

Salty Baulls 03-18-2012 04:36 PM

I found that dropper bottle in the front right of the pic. Its filled with seachem flourish. I put 2 drops in the tank a day. The conversion for 4 gallons of water was 7-14 drops per week. This dropper is calibrated to 20 drops=1ml. Im thinking about trying to keep the carbon with this daily dose and see how it goes.

Thus far no nipped fins. i recognize that things may change drastically in a few months so i will certainly keep the tetras groupings in mind. Thanks!

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