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spectralflux 03-16-2012 07:03 PM

what up with my platy
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so i got a new platy i brought home from the lfs today i know she was very pregnant so and i think she looked mostly squared off so i left her in my breeder well i went to a movie

when i came home there are now a small sting of little black balls on the bottom of the breeder but she still has a gravid spot and looks very pregnant so what are they is she still pregnant and what happened ( where they un hached fry ?) if she did get rid of the fry was it all of them or is there sill some left and how soon should i start timming her for a new gestation

attached is to pictures of her tank after i came home

Savannah 03-17-2012 02:08 PM

platys are live breaders and so the back string isnt eggs or fry,I just got rid of my platy becaues she was over running me with fry(expect ALOT more babys because platy only have to mate once to have 3-5 seperate cluches of fry ranging fom 10-50 fry.I finnaly got sick of the fry in my tank from my LONE female that was pregnat before I got her.In all she probly had 75 babys in 3 clutches and would have probly kept going.)I would gess that it is probly waste but will have to see pic to be sure.

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