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Byron 03-16-2012 11:09 AM

Amazon (Rio Nanay) Biotope
We have a couple threads on Amazonian aquascapes, so this article by George Farmer in PFK may be of interest. It describes setting up a large tank for fish from the Rio Nanay in Peru. Angelfish, rummynose tetra and other fish are featured.

This type of aquascape is actually very common in many streams of Amazonia. One must bear in mind that these streams all flood for half the year, and the surrounding forest is under several feet (up to 30 in some areas) of water and the fish move into the flooded forest to spawn among the thick vegetation.

How to set up an Amazon themed aquarium | Features | Practical Fishkeeping

Adamson 03-17-2012 01:11 AM

Cool article. One thing I think many aquarists (and people in general) mistake about Amazonia is that they are very slow flowing rivers. The Amazon (that really is not as long as the encyclopedia's tell you) is wide, bendy, and slow moving. My favorite rivers are tributaries of the Amazon, Rio de Negro (Black River) and the Vaupes River. My wife is Colombian so I have had the opportunity to go to South America a number of times, and have taken river boats down these areas. The city that I would assume most of our Amazonian fish come from is Manaus, Brazil, the "Paris of the Jungle", pretty interesting place, though I know that there are now restrictions on fisheries and the deportation of native fish.

I kind of went on and on there, but what I have meant to say is that Amazon fish are used to slow moving currents and floodplains, so do not put powerheads in your South American tanks. Here is a picture/example of why.

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