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Kelley 03-16-2012 10:11 AM

Filter issue
I have a Marienland C220 canister filter on a 37 gallon tank currently with 7 pristella tetras. The tank has been set up for 7 months.

Recently when I turn my filter off to do a water change and then turn it back on, it does not work properly at first. When I turn it back on I can hear it working like before and feel the vibration but there is very little water flow. The first time I did this, I was googling possible ways to correct it when all of a sudden it went back to working just fine. This last time the flow rate just would not come back no matter how many times I primed it. I then took it apart and put it back together and when I released the lever to have it fill up with water there was a large gush of water from the out take tube with alot of debris. So my question is, where did the debris come from and how to I correct it. The filter is working as of right now although the flow rate is slighly lower than what it was before. I am just worried there is more debris stuck somewhere that needs to be removed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

jsagrav 03-16-2012 10:35 AM

Check inside the canister to see if there is a small plastic tube that is attached to the main central tube. It is a siphon tube which needs to be cleaned periodically. That is probably where the blockage is. When it clears itself you hear that "woosh" sound.

Romad 03-16-2012 11:13 AM

Also check to see if your hoses are kinked or bent. They should be almost straight going up to the input and output tubes.

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