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The-Wolf 11-28-2007 03:09 AM

should the UK change its flag?
in the news today is an article about an MP who has suggested that the Union flag (it is only a Union Jack when on a ship carrying an Admiral) should be adapted to reflect the Welsh.

Do you think that after all this time it should be?

The way I see it is this, Wales was and still is a principality of England and therefore can not be included under international rules governing flags. you don't expect the Isle of Man to insist on the 3 legs symbol being added do you, or The Falklands to have their shield design added (or do you?)

news article

A nice history of the Union flag by an infant school

history of Wales (specifically the creation of the Union)

I'd be interested to hear from any Welsh person on their views on this subject, or indeed from anyone that has the Union flag as part of their national flag, seeing as they will also be effected (which is around 500 regions, provinces and countries)[/u]

Falina 11-28-2007 03:39 PM

Another thing to add might be that if Scotland get independance, which is beginning to look somewhat possible, will it have to be changed so that it doesn't include the soltaire?

I don't think it should be changed to include the Welsh for the very reason that you said which was that The Isle of Man, for example, isn't included and nobody expects it to be.

The-Wolf 11-29-2007 02:24 AM

Thanks for the reply Falina.

I guess that no one else has any input on the subject :?

sean117Ply 11-29-2007 03:53 AM

I thought the Union Jack was on the Welsh flag, its on ours.

tigger 11-29-2007 04:03 PM

Well I did have an input, but it's gone :wink:

Don't change the flag - it is what it is. When the Union breaks then the flag can change.

Mirta 12-03-2007 11:33 AM

Do not change the flag. This is how we know you. Some things should remain unchanged. This is the old glory and it should be respected.

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