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JimmyR1Rider 03-13-2012 03:02 AM

Jimmy's RSM250
Hey all,

New here but not too new to the hobby. Had a 65G AGA that I built a sump for and had going but due to a sump failure I wound up with an open steel stand which I didn't like too much. I just recently retired (Feb. 23rd) from the FDNY due to 9/11 issues.

Anyway, I have a new boxer puppy coming in June and I didn't want him/her getting into a sump and ingesting tank water and with a skimmer sloshing all the time and all the wires from the skimmer pump, the RKL with 4 PC-4's and the lights and reactors there would be WAY too many dangerous temptations for a young pup exploring their world around them.

Because of that I decided to go back to an all in 1 so it would be a sealed system and decided to go with a Red Sea Max 250. I know it's just a bunch of rocks right now, but I will update each step of the way to have a nice tank diary to look back at.

Well here are the pics of the first steps and aquascaping. So far I really like the tank. I'm leaving a bunch of the sandbed open all the way around the rock to be able to purchase rocks with multiple ric's on them and/or other corals or just to add islands when and where I want them. It's been cycling for about 5 days now so I have another 4 weeks or so to go before any livestock. Hope you enjoy:

After assembly:

Placed the rock:

Laid the sandbed:

When the tank was first filled:

And after adding the last of the rock and scaping it:
I used all Real Reef manmade rock. I'm pretty happy with it.

I know it's an all in 1 but I'm still pretty proud of it, and am glad I will be able to relax knowing the tank is puppy proof open water wise.

Feel free to comment- good, bad or indifferent is all good, I always appreciate feedback.

onefish2fish 03-13-2012 10:51 AM

looks good to me. have any stocking plans?

welcome to the forum.

JimmyR1Rider 03-13-2012 01:16 PM

Thanks for the welcome.

Yeah I'm nursing my anemone back to health, I'm hoping it'll recover from the crash of my other system. I have one clown-the male from a mated pair I had for 2+ years. Both the clown and the nem are in a 20 long right now while the RSM cycles. The clown is going to a friend that has his tank cycling also right now that came under hard times and has 3 special needs kids.

I'll be purchasing all new fish for the new tank. My plans are:


Mated pair of True Percula clowns
Radiant Wrasse
3 blue dartfish
Watchman goby/pistol shrimp pair


Sun coral
Assorted ric's
Assorted zoas
Encrusting Montipora
Plate coral

I plan on just placing the frags, moving them until they like the lighting where I put them best, glueing them in place and letting them all just grow out and fight for territory after time like they have to on an actual reef so it will look nice and natural in the long run.

JimmyR1Rider 03-13-2012 03:39 PM

Also for inverts. I will have 2 fire shrimp and 3 cleaner shrimp. Forgot to throw that in there in the original post about livestock

JimmyR1Rider 03-19-2012 03:51 AM

Ok so the cycle's completed. Happened much faster than thought.
Test results tonight were


So now for a heavy water change in the next few days, additon of a CUC and first fish selection and QT.

Romad 03-19-2012 05:11 AM

Hi Jimmy and welcome to the forum :wave:

It sounds amazing - I'm looking forward to your pics and progress.

JimmyR1Rider 03-19-2012 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by Romad (Post 1017899)
Hi Jimmy and welcome to the forum :wave:

It sounds amazing - I'm looking forward to your pics and progress.

Thanks Romad

Went and got my CUC today 12 snails, 12 hermits and my first coral. Got a couple of small rocks with some orange rics on them. I know it's a small addition but hey new tank, new excitemtent over the little things

JimmyR1Rider 03-22-2012 10:32 PM

Went and got my 2nd addition . Some GSP's

Also I got the chiller plumbed and operating. Sorry about the still messy wiring it's what's left of the old 65G I had. The board has the ballasts that will go with the Maristar I'm selling and the Vortech MP10 I'll be selling also. Anyway it's a JBJ Arctica and I plumbed it by taking out the stock pump in the right chamber and replacing it with an external Hydor Seltz L40 740GPH pump. I ran the return from the chiller directly to the return nozzle in the tank so it'll chill the whole tank and not just the one chamber because of the heat the pump would have generated so it won't keep cycling on and off to meet demands of what I ask temp wise. I'm going to be mounting the pump on the brick wall with mollies so there's no hum like I get now from it being mounted to the stand and then will secure all hoses on the chiller and pump with hose clamps:

Next is to get the NextReef reactor plumbed, I got two Maxi Jet 900's to run the reactor with. I like to have each thing have it's own pump so if one pump goes south it doesnt affect the function of multiple things. They will be mounted in line with the chillers pump on the bricks as well. This way everything will be easy to service and swap if the need be. Only thing I'm changing is I'm going to use 2 TLF 1/2" ball valves instead of the Fluval ones in the pics- I hate those valves, they're a bit sketchy feeling to me:

For the reactor I'm going to drill 2 holes for the 5/8" intakes of the MaxiJets and then 2 holes for the 1/2" return lines from the reactor. The 5/8" doles will be driled where the acessory plate spouts come down and the 1/2' return lines will be drilled at the top corners right under the rounded corners and all the lines will be ran down by using 90 degree elbows cut down on both sides of the hood to point the lines straight down in the chamber. I still have to shorten the return line from the chiller on the left there so that spout is straight down, tweaking it will be easy though.

pittipuppylove 04-05-2012 11:21 PM

Very cool looking so far!
And thank you for your service on 9/11, by the way!

JimmyR1Rider 04-05-2012 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by pittipuppylove (Post 1036927)
Very cool looking so far!
And thank you for your service on 9/11, by the way!

Thanks pitti

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