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mandi85710 03-12-2012 02:15 AM

Could someone help me with some questions about my pregnant fish and newly born fry??
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I have a balloon molly, dalmation molly and a guppy all very pregnant and I need some help. This is my first time breeding the balloon molliy and the guppy so I am not to sure if they are getting close. I just got my silver mollys fry (all 45) and put them into my 20G fry tank. I have another one cycling plus a 10Gone to be used also.

I think my dalmation molly has squared off but it is so hard for me to tell. I have some pictures of all of them. They were in breeder nets and containers for me to get the pics I got but mainly b/c I was doing a partial water change after the silver fry were born this morning. They are all in my 30G tank.

So basically if anyone could give me an idea what you think as to how soon and if I should move them to the birthing tank yet or not. Thanks for ANY input you can give me.

Also I have my Fry tank set at 78. Is that a good temp for them? I have read different things on google so really wanted to get opinions from you all who know a lot!!! :-D They seem happy in their 20G tank on their own with a filter, heater, some plastic plants, an ornament, an air stone and I also bought a sponge that goes over the intake tube on the filter so they can't get sucked into it. I just want to make sure everything is right for them to grow healthy and strong!!!

Here are the pictures of the fishies in question!!! Thanks again in advance!!!

Byron 03-12-2012 08:31 PM

My advice would be to leave the females in their tank to drop the fry, and remove the fry. If you have a good cover of floating plants, the fry will naturally seek refuge there and be fairly easy to fish out.

Removing the female especially when close [and I am not sure how close these may be] to delivery can cause damage to the female. The molly certainly should have the run of the tank; breeding nets are not good with molly, if the net is the small one like 6 inches or so.

Temperature is fine.


AbbeysDad 03-12-2012 09:02 PM

+1 - Breeder nets are a good temporary place to scoop fry into, but NOT a good place to put a birthing mother - it's much too confined. I find the best practice is to leave the females alone and rescue and move the fry. 76-78 def F should be fine. Be sure and keep the water fresh. Feed 4 - 6 times a day. The food can be ground up (thumb and forefinger) flake food. Occasional frozen baby brine shrimp as/if available is a great treat.

mandi85710 03-14-2012 02:08 AM

I agree with both of you on the breeder nets. I only scooped them in when I was doing a partial water change b/c they were freaking out really bad and when they went in the net they were ok. They were in it for about 15 minutes max.

My molly definitely has the run of my tank. She is actually a bully. I am not sure why I only have her a silver molly and a black male molly with 3 guppies and she is really mean. They are in a 30G tank planted with the middle left open so they can swim back and forth with nothing in their way. But she is a meany.

I can't tell if my guppy is for sure pregnant or if she was just fat when I got her. My guy has all his guppies separated when he gets them and keeps them separate until someone takes them home. But like he said accidents happen when they are so tiny and the female could of gotten mixed in then separated later. She does have that huge gravid spot and I am pretty sure I can see eyes but I don't know b/c she is a fast

My males seem to want to have nothing to do with her also so I am curious about that.

Mainly was fry water temp question and then if they even are pregnant. My dalmation molly has squared off for sure now after seeing what my silver molly looked at I can tell now so I am thinking she is going to drop tonight. The balloon molly is still a mystery though. Thanks again for your responses!!! ")

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