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Nyxxi 03-11-2012 05:01 PM

Feeding Kribensis Fry

I have a pair of kribs who have spawned for the first time! I assumed they had laid eggs as they had become super protective of one piece of drift wood. I looked today and BABIES! I am so excited but the problem is i don't have any food prepared for them.. I have been feeding the parents a mix of omega one flakes, frozen brine shrimp and omega one freeze dried bloodworms. What should I feed the babies as all of these foods are too large. Can I crush up the flake food very small and use an eye dropper for now? or will the crushed flake still be too big They are in a 20 gal long with lots of driftwood and rocks with a underwater filter. Apart from the parents there are 6 cardinal tetras. Also what is the best method for doing water changes to avoid sucking up any of the little guys? I use a python siphon that hooks up to the kitchen sink so i guess ill break back out a bucket and another siphon so if i do suck anyone up the don't end up down the drain but any tips? How often should I feed them? and how much at a time?

Thanks so much!

Tazman 03-11-2012 10:06 PM

Congrats on the new additions :-)

Crushed flake food will work fine for them.

A better option, would be New Life Spectrum Small Fry Starter. You would be aiming to feed them 3 times a day if possible and small amounts. Try and feed the older fish at one end of the tank and the fry if they come out at the other end. The parents will be very protective at first but as they grow will venture out a little more each day until they are old enough to free swim!

I would offer a caution that as this is their first batch of fry, it is NOT entirely out of the question that the parents will eat the fry. This is something which on subsequent spawning will NOT happen, if it does it is usually the first spawn.

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