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29Kilo29 03-11-2012 03:31 PM

Need some filter advice

So on my 75g I currently have a Marineland 400 which is cycled and an Aquaclear 50, which has only been running 2 days.

Today the Marineland pretty much gave out, so I am looking to replace it. I was thinking about the Fluval 305 (any reviews?) The Marinelands's flow is terribly slow, and definitely not enough for a 75g. I could go pick up the Fluval (or other) tonight but was just wondering how to prevent an ammonia spike?

Could I somehow keep the Marineland media in the aquarium?


Byron 03-11-2012 07:43 PM

You don't mention what fish species are in the tank, or if it is planted; and these two factors should largely determine the filter. So without knowing this, I would suggest a good canister rated to the tank size.

The Fluval 305 is rated for tanks up to 70g so this is fine (unless more filtration is needed, back to the fish/plants question). I've not used Fluval myself, I have Eheim and Rena canisters which according to reviews are rated higher than Fluval. But so is the cost.

On the media/bacteria issue, live plants would negate this concern. And if the tank has been operating for a while, and not new, there will be sufficient bacteria in the substrate and elsewhere. Plus there is the smaller filter.


29Kilo29 03-12-2012 12:26 PM

Malawi Cichlids, no plants.

I was also looking at the Eheim's, which one would you recommend?

Byron 03-12-2012 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by 29Kilo29 (Post 1010874)
Malawi Cichlids, no plants.

I was also looking at the Eheim's, which one would you recommend?

The Eheim Pro 3, model 2073. Here's a link:

I have the older Pro 2 Eheim on my 70g and one on my 90g. They have been running continously for more than 14 years now, with never a problem or failure. One of mine has the heating element built in, and I would strongly recommend this. Not only does it avoid two heaters hanging in the tank, but it is extremely accurate and reliable. My 90g with this filter has never fluctuated in temperature more than .2 or .3 of a degree from the set temperature, in 15 years of continual operation. Eheims are built to do the job and do it reliably.

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