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starfire57 03-11-2012 01:53 PM

Coudy Water
I have a 46gallon tank that has been up and running for about two years. I was running a cascade 1200 on it until it started leaking, so I had to go with my bio wheel fliters til I could get the money together to purchase a new canister filter. I did not have any media for them so I placed the blue and white filter pads in them. The water has been cloudy every since. About one month ago I installed a CF-300 canister filter with new media had no used media. Did water test a couple of days ago and everything shows 0 except ph which is 7, I use the API Liquid test kit just recently bought a new one. I also do a 50% water change weekly which has not helped with the couldiness. Heavly planted dosing 4ml daily of a macro and micro fert package. I was informed from another person that it could be that I do not have enough nitrorigin in the tank with the nitrates being at 0. Was suggested that I add more nitrogin. With my ferts being a complete mix I do not know how to add more nitrogin. Ferts were purchased at the micro and macro mix called MMN formula and contains the following 1 part KNO3, 1 part K2SO4, 1 part MgSO4, and 1 part CSM+B. Which I mix 1/4 cup of ferts to two cups water then I keep it in the fridge. I see new plant growth daily.

Byron 03-11-2012 07:27 PM

First on the cloudiness, from your description this is a bacterial bloom. Cleaning--or even moreso, replacing--filter media often causes this, as a balance of various bacteria is suddenly gone, and new bacteria suddenly appear. Bacteria here includes all species, not just the nitrifying. Water changes make this worse sometimes, because the new water has dissolved organics and with the dechlorinator the bacteria can rapidly multiply to consume the organics. This is common in new tanks especially. You might find a bit more detail here:

If the lack of nitrogen was meant to be linked to the cloudiness issue, I doubt it is. As for these fertilizers, i will leave it to those with far more experience with these than I have. With my natural (low-tech) planted tanks I never dose on this scale with macros. My only comment would be that they must be balanced with all nutrients (including carbon) and light. Otherwise, they will only feed algae.


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