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beetlebz 11-25-2007 03:06 PM

Firemouth compatibility
Im considering getting a pair of firemouth cichlids because.... well.... because im a glutton for SA cichlids, I guess. For some reason EVERY lfs in a 20 mile radius has a plethora of baby firemouths :)

anyway, I could probably grow them out in my 30, but when they get a little bigger could they go in my 110 without any major issues?

right now my 110 has..
3 4-5.5" green severums (all very peaceful, except to each other)
2 3.5-4" blue gourami (playful, never bother anyone)
2 2" PB dwarf gourami (they were getting nasty agressive with each other and everyone else in my 30, so they had to go in here :()
10 tiger barbs
1 6" or so pleco
1 rainbow shark (who doesnt bother anyone)

would they have any agression issues in there?

Daz 11-25-2007 05:57 PM

As with all Cics, its the individual fish, sure with what you have you may be asking for trouble. Sevs placid ??? erm they soon change there spots when needed. :D

derbyno1 11-26-2007 03:09 PM

frm my exsperince with theses i would not put these in your tank with the severums, i done this once and the firemouths harrased them none stop, so in the end i had to give them back to the lfs

SKAustin 11-26-2007 04:22 PM

It's never a good idea to mix cichlids with community tropicals. JMO.

beetlebz 11-26-2007 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by SKAustin
It's never a good idea to mix cichlids with community tropicals. JMO.

meaning the gouramis? they do well with the severums but yeah, thats what I was afraid of :\

beetlebz 12-08-2007 02:16 PM

last week I gave away 1 PB dwarf and euthanized the other one. his tail fin was completely destroyed, and he could no longer swim :(

in the not too distant future im adding a few yoyo loaches.

If I relocated my other 2 full size blue gouramis, so as to help prevent problems, what other colorful SA cichlids (firemouth or otherwise) could I add with the tigerbarbs, rainbow shark, severums and pleco?

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