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spectralflux 03-08-2012 09:58 AM

New aquarium help
Okay I am still new to fish keeping so I need to ask a few questions thank you in advance

Okay so I have a ten gallon tank that Have had for a while it has just finished cycling and. A friend moved and gave me his 20 fallen tank and. The filter with that is a stablished with all the bacteria it need but the problem is I need to put the 20 g where my 10 g is its the only place it will fin and I can put my ten gallon some where else
So do I move the 10g with every thing in it then set up the 20 g and then put the fish in. Or do. I take the fish out of the 10g then empty. Some of the water in 10 g then set up the 20 gallon

And then the other thig is will my 10g work for a nursery tank for my fry now and latter ?

Oh I forgot to say what. Kind of fish I haveI have I have 4 red wag platys 2males and. 2 females. When I bought them both where pregnant so. The first one had her fry I saved. 5 and now have the other one in a breeding box and expect her to give. Birth today of tomorrow
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MoneyMitch 03-08-2012 05:23 PM

kind of hard to follow what your asking but im gunna take a shot here. if you need to move the tanks around heres what i would do. take some tank water and throw it in a 5 gal bucket with the fish. then empty the tanks out, move what needs to be moved tank wise fill the tanks back up and just aclimate the fish however u feel suited. the fish should be fine with the move yea it will be a little stressfull but they should pull through it no problem. you might have a minio cycle but nothing serious.

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