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bigt89 03-07-2012 08:40 PM

my fish eye is looking weird.
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i was a fish here thats has not been looking good. his eye has been like this for i want to say close to 6 months but he's still going kind of strong. its all dis colored. he is always hiding not sure if its just one of those type of fish that hides or if he's scared. he's always slow to get food, but he loves to eat a lot. it just takes him a little longer to realize and find the food i feed them. by the time he finds a piece of tetra color crisp another fish beats him to the punch but he does manage to get quit a bit. he has been losing his color about a year ago. befor his eye got bad. i read up about them sounded like this type of fish average life span is 20 years, and can be longer, and they tend to lose colors older they get. i had him for close to 2 years i would say. he's one of my favorites so i would hate to lose him. no fish bother him either. but he loves trying to get in the cave i have.

does anyone also know the exact name of this fish? the name you would see at fish store not the scientific name. appreciate all the help i hope i can get him better.

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