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Tha Bizness 03-07-2012 06:07 PM

Help! Got free tank and stand but has issues
I was given a fish tank and nice wooden stand. Its a bow front tank with the dim 48x13x23 with the bow longest part of the front being 18inches. My first question is what size tank is this.

The problem is the tank is in bad condition - The seals are horrible and it will need to be resealed. Not really a 'problem' but just requires a little elbow grease.

The biggest problems is it had a chip on the edge of the tank (see pics) and it looks like the top of the tank used to have a brace which was broken off somehow.

I am debating if I want to sell off the glass as say a reptile tank or something and buy a new tank for the stand or sell off the tank and stand and purchase a new tank and and stand.

I was thinking of adding a sump on my next project so having a used tank may be better as if I mess it up drilling... it was free. I just dont know if I can get over that chip.


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zof 03-07-2012 06:57 PM

Sure your measurements are right? Little strange to have a 4' long bow front (not unheard of though), if your measurements are correct it would be about a 78 gallon tank, hard to tell with the picture but from that angle it looks like a pretty bad chip, would help if you could post another picture though. Also how thick would you say all of the glass is, I'm leaning towards this might have been a reptile tank from the beginning which would mean it wouldn't hold much water at all.

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