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skipperdee 03-07-2012 05:22 PM

is my molly pregnant?
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i have two female Mollies i purchased last week.
found 14 fry last Friday and found 2 this morning, one of which got eaten by an Angel fish.
my White molly seems to have greyish spots, so i have seperated her into a breeding net.
but how can i be sure it is the White one, not the spotty one - as per attached photos...!

i am also worried about if the separation will stress her?
please can you help? :hmm:

dmuddle 03-07-2012 05:44 PM

keep an eye if they are both female more than likely they are both pregnant. livebearers (in your case mollies) breed really easily, so mollies are pregnant more often than not

skipperdee 03-07-2012 08:03 PM

Thank you! should i keep the white one in the breeding net or let her out?

as there was two little fry that i could find this morning, has she got more to go?

thanks :)

jdiaz 03-11-2012 10:33 AM

The white one is pregnant and still to go. She is a silver molly. I have one and she has already given me two batches. Yours should give some more babies judging by the pic. Silver mollies give about 14 to 30 babies from what I have seen with mine. The babies grow slow too, depends on what you feed but still grow slow. I have onother molly that is a Gold Dust Lyretaill molly that had 27 babies and only gave birth 3 days before my silver molly and the fry from her grow at a fast rate.

Mollies cannot be kept with fry(babies) because if they are hungry enought they will eat them, from my experience. You can keep her in the net for some hours but I was susesfull by keeping her in the tank with lots of java moss. The "spotted one" is a Dalmatian molly who does not seem to be pregnant. You can tell witch fry are from witch one by there color. If they are spoted than they are Dalmatian if not and just the color silver then they are Silver mollies. One exception is if the white one was kept with Dalmation mollies then she will have spoted babies.

MY molly had fry and some where grey/black and most white, one white one made it. Then she had again but mostly white with some grey ones.

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