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Oscarfish789 03-07-2012 08:20 AM

Ich/ick on oscar?
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hey guys a couple days ago i posted that I thought my oscar had ich/ick and posted some pictures, as i thought he only had some missing scales but now i see a small white spot on his fin and the same spot on my other oscar too, is this ich/ick? its a blury photo but its right on the tip in the middle of the fin.

SeaHorse 03-07-2012 09:26 AM

To my knowledge Ich looks like grains of sugar/salt. So as if it was sprinkled on rather than a flat sore. And by the end the day, if it's ich there will be many more. If by tonight there is more, then start treatment. That I cannot advise on but I do know it involves raising the temperature up over 80 degrees. Might be info up in the fish profiles.

Geomancer 03-07-2012 09:35 AM

Yeah, I wouldn't start treatment until you are sure what the problem is. If you start to see multiple spots then you can be pretty confident.

And yes, for Ich you jump the temperature up as high as the fish can take without showing stress. 86 is best, if possible. The higher the temp, the faster the life cycle of Ich, it can only be treated in one stage of its life cycle so you want the cycle to proceed as fast as possible.

Oscarfish789 03-07-2012 12:30 PM

thanks guy but to treat it do i raise the temp and put aquarium salt in?

Geomancer 03-07-2012 01:34 PM

Salt can work, if the fish can tolerate it, but some can not (and I do not know about Oscars). Meds usually work faster though.

I've only had it once with a new fish (Betta) and it was in a planted tank. I used Coppersafe, didn't affect the plants at all and the Betta was spot free in under 48 hours. Salt will kill lots of plants.

You keep the temp up and meds (or salt) going for 1 full week though, to make sure you get them all. The entire tank must be treated, no use in quarantine unless you have inverts that won't tolerate the medication.

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