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luckystar4784 11-24-2007 03:14 PM

Am I doing something wrong?
Today I noticed that when i go to my bettas bowl he puffs out at me as if he is angry at me... any clue why he does this.. or does he just hate me? I did notice that he seems to be attacking the rocks at the bottom of the tank and is puffed up and then when i come to the bowl he puffs at me.. there is a large bubble nest and i thought that was a sign of a happy fish but now he seems stressed.. any ideas?

willow 11-24-2007 05:15 PM

hello and welcome aboard,
hopefully someone with more knowlage of bettas
will pop in here,the bubbles are your males bubble nest,
he is in breeding mode,usually he would breed with a female
and once they have mated,the female drops the eggs
the male then collects them and spits them into the nest,
where he would then look after them. :)
as for the agression bit,perhaps he sees you as compitition ?
or a mate. :)

rustyness 11-24-2007 05:16 PM

depends on the lighting and believe it or not what you're wearing in some cases.

for example, during the day between natural light in the room and the light in the tank my betta never flares at me. however, when its darker in the room and the light is on in the tank, he sees his own reflection and tries to attack it. he also sees his own reflection pretty well if i approach the tank wearing darker colors, especially my favorite black hoodie haha.

and even if hes not seeing his own reflection, he may just not be used to your face. my girlfriends betta used to flare at me all the time, but now that i watch him over breaks hes gotten used to me and doesnt do it anymore.

good luck!

blueblue48 12-04-2007 07:36 PM

hes just trying to be more manly to attract females. i wish youd take a picture of that bubble nest i think there really cool. my old betta has almost stopped making them since hes 4 or 5 years old if i count right :roll:

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