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GwenInNM 03-06-2012 07:51 PM

Some of my fish have been re-homed
Today, a really great guy, who has tons of tanks, took my female German Blue Ram and 6 Cardinals. I had only bought the GBR just 2-3 weeks ago, but things have gotten crazy. The other female I bought and the male I had, spawned, and now I have fry! It's been very cool to watch them.

Today, the Cardinals which were in the tank, really started to get chased, bad by the parents, so I took them out, and put them with the female Ram that had been also getting chased, once the fry hatched.

I'm waiting for him to text me with a pic of them all in the tank. He's putting them in a 125 gal with 15 other GBR's and he has 20 Cardinals in the tank, my 6 will join. He also has Discus in the tank. It sounds like a great tank.

I think I could not have found a better home. This guy is seriously into fish. Interesting talking to him. Reef tanks etc! Wow. I'm sure my fish will be happy. I just hope they fair well on the 45 minute drive home he had.


dmuddle 03-07-2012 04:26 PM

I will have to give up my kissing gouramis, I will be sad

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