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SuperFishMan 03-06-2012 01:05 PM

Help with stocking 10 gallon tank.
Hi there,

So I currently have a 10 gallon planted low tech excel dosed tank. I have a large java fern plant, good healthy bunch of Wisteria and a good healthy bunch Cabomba.

The tank is filtered and heated (about 76 degrees)

I had 1 betta as my feature fish, and a small family of pygmy cory cats 5*

Unfortuantley Turbo, my betta, passed away and I was planning on adding a new betta into the tank. I've heard 5-7 pygmys with a betta is fine for a 10 gallon. My issues is this... I have 2 confirmed, possibly 3 pygmy fry that have been living/growing in the tank for the last few months. It was unexcpected and I wasn't sure if they would survive, but one of them is actually getting to be a decent size where hes pretty visible. If my cory total becomes 8, Will it be impossible to introduce a betta?

The tank has been established for a while, and the filer media is good. I actually had a sponge filer going too, but somethings wrong and it isn't working now (still need to fix that).

Any insight would be most appreciated.

Byron 03-06-2012 06:56 PM

A male Betta could well eat the Cory fry--and the adults too for that matter. The fact that the last Betta you had didn't is not indicative of this being the norm. Some Betta will eat shrimp, others won't. I wouldn't risk the corys.

Which brings me to other suitable tankmates, and there are many. Small fish obviously. Ember Tetra is one. Any of the dwarf species of rasbora in the Boraras genus (there are two in our profiles, the Mosquito Rasbora and the Dwarf Rasbora). The afore-mentioned need soft water, slightly acidic, which I am assuming you may have. If the water is basic (pH in low 7's), the Celestial Pearl Danio or the Emerald Dwarf Rasbora are options.

All of the afore-mentioned need a small group, 7-10 of whichever. They shouldn't bother the cory fry if they are a decent size, but they would likely eat any new eggs or newly-hatched fry, just so you know.

I mentioned these are in our profiles, to see them just click the shaded names.

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