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Andarial 03-05-2012 04:48 PM

Pregnant Oto?
I think I have a pregnant oto, She is extremely fat and her belly has little clear round things in it, from what it looks like. No matter whether she eats or not she is always fat... I dunno it sounds like a pregnancy to me. I can try to get a picture, but I can't promise anything that will look good. It's not like they aren't in an enviroment where they couldn't breed, they are in a heavily planted tank, there are five of them, and there is plenty of places for them to hide in. I assume they are just very happy. I mean I already have RCS breeding insanely in there. I will have a picture up by tonight. My main question is, what do I do if she lays eggs? I have plenty of things in there that would eat them, is there anyway I can save them?

zof 03-05-2012 06:32 PM

Well first off I hope all goes well, otos are a difficult fish to get to spawn and most people just report, yesterday I thought I had 5 otos and today I have 6.... since they are really hard to keep track of. I believe otos like alot of other catfish are egg scatters which means it will be really difficult to find even some of the eggs to save them, if you do find an egg here or there though you can take it out and place in a different tank to hatch and grow, just make sure its established and their is plenty of natural food for the fry to feed on (algae etc.)

On a side note, otos can't actually be pregnant since pregnant is a term we use when referring to an already fertilized developing fetus in the mothers womb, although I'm not sure what we just call a female with a bunch of developed eggs in her.

Andarial 03-05-2012 10:27 PM

Ah ok so she's just >.> eggy XD. Too bad about trying to save them, I hope I can at least get a few to survive, I'm not gonna move her though because she's extremely happy in this tank and I don't want her to become unhappy, I will just watch and hope they will pull through 8D it'd be awesome to have itty bitty otos in the tank. But I have tons of shrimp and a petricola catfish in the tank so we'll see how it goes XD. Thanks for the info on the egg laying procedure that way I won't be looking for eggs all the time, wish me luck ^^

zof 03-06-2012 06:40 PM

Yea not only that but you would have to move the other otos over too to get the one that has caught her eye, as fertilization will not occur until the eggs are laid, if you bored run over to youtube and look up catfish spawning egg scattering, should pull up some videos, its quite interesting the positions involved.

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