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Laurel 03-04-2012 04:00 PM

Poorly Angel

I've got an Anglefish, that looks like it's on the way out, but just seems to keep hanging on in there.

About a week ago it started to behave differently. It started to hang in one place in the tank - directly into of the filter outlet. Then things developed to a point where it just lay on it's side on the bottom of the tank.

The day before yesterday, I put the fish in an isolation tank, and have started to treat it with both melafix and pimafix. It's still hanging on in there, but is laying (99% of the time) on it's side at the bottom of the tank. It occasionally makes an effort (and it does seem like an effort) to move and will swim upright to another part of the tank then drift back to the bottom. If the fish is disturbed, it tries to move. It doesn't seem to be feeding. There are no obvious wounds, but it's pectoral fins look a little shredded.

Apart from the symptoms I've described, it rarely seems completely still - a fin waving, mouth opening slowly, occasional twitch. As I've said, it seems to be hanging on in there, but I'm at a loss. Any improvement since I started medicating is VERY minor.

Anybody got any suggestions?

afremont 03-05-2012 02:04 PM

What are the water parameters of the other tank? What you described as the first symptoms can be caused by poor water quality. The fish hanging at the outlet is it's attempt at getting the most amount of dissolved oxygen that it can get. Ammonia or nitrIte poisoning can be responsible, as can a host of other things like parasites or bacterial infections of the gills, but water quality is the first thing to look at. I'd put an airstone in the hospital tank if you don't already have one in there. Honestly though, it's not very likely that the fish will recover from its current situation. So tell us the water params such as ammonia, nitrIte and nitrAte and anything else you can provide.

Laurel 03-11-2012 03:17 PM

Thanks very much for the reply. Sorry for the delay replying myself.

I'm afraid I can't tell you much about the water. It was due a change, and shortly after the Angel started with the symtoms described, I did a 50%+ water change. Its a large tank, about 210 ltrs, and none of the other fish appear to be ill.

The Angel is still hanging on in there - in fact it seems quite lively if it gets disturbed when I am cleaning it's tank or medicating, except it doesn't last long, then spends the rest of the day lying on the floor of the isolation tank (which does have an airstone, thanks).

I'm at a loss.

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