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mandi85710 03-04-2012 11:12 AM

Several questions and comments???!!!
I have 3 female Mollies and one dropped her fry 2 weeks ago over night but it was weird she kept having yellow balls come out also that seemed to be rather heavy and headed straight to the bottom of the tank and she ate them. So I kind of am not sure what they were but if anyone does that would be a help to know. She only had like 6 or 7 actual fry though. I watched her have them all b/c it was her first time and I was interested.

So anywho back to my question. With having 3 female mollies and a male molly they of course eat their fry. I have plenty of plants and floating plants for them but it still seems they get them all. I was only able to rescue 2 of them. Then my mickey mouse platy in another tank I was only able to rescue 3.

I am up in the air about the breeder cages that help save the fry. I used it on my platy and she was fine but she is very young and tiny and only had 3 fry (well at least while in there not sure if she had any before she got in there). I did not net her in it I put it in the water sideways and let her swim in it and then attached it to the side. She had 2 right after I attached it to the side and then the other an hour later. The others were also picking on her severely so I wanted to kind of help her out.

I am not sure about my mollies though? Would it be ok to put her in one when she starts to drop her fry? I know people say that it stresses them out but her getting chased around by my other 3 mollies stresses her out as well. So I don't know what to do.

I have a dalmation molly who is going to drop anyday now. From what I undertand the gravid spot is a dark spot down by the anal fin but I am not sure if it is just a tiny spot or is it her whole belly getting dark down there. Kinda lost on that also. My platy got a little dark circle so I imagine that is what it is. The dalmation molly who is about to drop is mostly white with small black dots on her and her belly is all white except for one spot towards her gills.

So I would like some input on what you all think about the breeder boxes to save more fry? I mean if I scoop her in there and she starts acting stressed I could of course let her out. Or should I move her to a completely different tank on her own while having them and then move her back. I do have a 5 gallon tank with nothing in it right now. OK sorry this is so long. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! :-)

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