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Boscobear 03-04-2012 09:20 AM

Water Change made labor free
I had success with my water changing. My first attempt to do a weekly 50% water change for our 125 gallon aquarium was not a fun time. It was the bucket brigade, with hand to tank pitcher filling. Too much labor, and if I know myself, like I do, this would not be an every week occurrence.
I have a 75 gallon holding tank for the R/O system, which makes the preparation for heated, and chlorine removed, water easy. I purchased a transfer pump, a Wayne 115 volt, 350 gph water pump. Along with a drinking water 35 foot hose.
So I siphon the water out the window, into the soon to be tomato garden, and when my drain line was met, turned on the pump with the hose inside the tree stump in the aquarium, and labor free, water change. Just sit there, and wait for the tank to fill. took less than 30 minutes , the whole operation. The fish had no stress, no splashing of water from the pitchers, or spilling buckets, no lifting, no carrying, no buckets, yes no buckets. This little transfer pump does not have a heavy flow, so the water was gently refilled. I already have the water storage tank full for next weeks water change. 75 gallons of the 125 gallons a week, without stress to me. That's the most important part, I have no problem doing this every week.
One question I have is that we have used a 50-50 blend of tap , and RO water. I would like to move the aquarium towards 100% tap. I have had the aquarium for 2 months now, and the fish are 2 years old. I believe they were being kept in nearly 100% RO water before, as I was told by the previous owners.
My tap water is pretty consistent within its chemistry perimeters.
PH 7.2
NH3 0.0 0.5
NO2 0.0
NO3 0.0

The aquarium as of yesterday
PH 6.4 It was 6.0 for the longest time, but I cut down on RO to add buffering
NH3 .25
NO2 0.0
NO3 5.0 PPM
I changed filter systems two weeks ago, now run Eheim2180 heated canister, but still have a marineland 300 biowheel HOB until the new filter cycles. I think I'm doing right here, can't hurt.
Changed the substrate last week. There was a large size pebble substrate that was less than an inch deep. We now have 3 inches of a, 1 mm to 3 mm natural amazon substrate.
We also have added a dozen + live plants, with more to be added this week.
All fish, 2 year olds, are the size of the palm of my hand, 4 discus, and 8 angelfish , smaller fish ,4 corys, one upside-down cat, and one fat black neon, a surviver from ages long gone bye.
So could I just slowly move to pure tap water, this would take away the chore of making RO. Right now I'm holding 75% tap, and making RO to fill the holding tank.

Tazman 03-04-2012 09:26 AM

What is the readings for GH and Nitrates from your tap water.

Leave a glass of water out for 24 hours before testing it.

Boscobear 03-04-2012 09:36 AM

Hey, Taz,
89 ppm GH from the tap
plus, I get zero readings for NO2, NO3 from the tap

I have taken 4 readings in the last few weeks for tap water. I could get no information from our local water company on hardness. So I bought the KH~ GH test kits , and do it myself.

I see the lower GH KH readings between tap, and aquarium, because of the RO added water.

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