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MinaMinaMina 03-03-2012 02:26 PM

Oryzias woworae fry! YAY!
Hi, everybody!
I just wanted to share that I have some fry from my Oryzias woworae (AKA Daisy's Ricefish, Sulawesi Ricefish). :mrgreen:

I found the fry yesterday, though I don't know how long they've been in there because the Hornwort is a pretty thick jungle on one side. lol I'm not usually awake/coherent in the mornings, so I hadn't noticed my lone female carrying eggs. But this morning I made a point to look and, yes, she's toting around some eggs on her pelvic fins!

So, I just kinda wanted to share :mrgreen: but I also wanted to make known my set up/parameters for anyone else wanting to breed these fish.

set up 2.4.12 w/ bioseed and plants (so no cycle)
5 males , 1 female (young adults) added 2.4
1 male (baby) added 2.18
10g tank
play sand
inert rocks
java fern
java moss
Hydro Spong II
pH 7.4 (8.4 out of the tap, drops to 7.4 within 24 hours)
temp 78F (was at 75F for the first 2 weeks or so)
Ammonia and Nitrite = always 0ppm
Nitrate = 5ppm or less
weekly 50% water change with tap water
(water changes more frequently now that there are fry)
food: crushed Omega One Super Color Pellets, crushed Omega One Super Veggie Flakes, Omega One Frozen Daphnia

Thanks for looking!

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