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ladayen 03-01-2012 11:42 PM

I have a group of 1m4f swallowtail peacock, One female is getting very aggresive, attacking the male.. and other males of different species in the tank, even my yellow tail acei. Is this to be expected? I've read before that they can be aggresive peacocks but it's just the one female.. and again only males. (I think my fish hate me and are taking it out on the male fish lol)

Tazman 03-02-2012 07:51 AM

I would highly recommend to get a ton more rocks for tank. They hide in rocks most of the time and are not often seen venturing into open water.

They are also mixed in with mbuna and some of the ones you have in your tank will stress them out, to the point they can turn aggressive. A lot of the jacobfreibergi are NOT pure lines but line bred to attain better coloration, this makes them slightly more aggressive than other peacocks as the dominant males are used for the line breeding. This results in slightly more aggressive females as well.

Bottom line is you need a lot more rocks so they can have their natural habitat. They need large rocks structures and plenty of, rocks and rocks is the theme for a tank with Lake Malawi cichlids.

Couple of other suggestions as well, Rusties and Acei need to be kept in a group of 1m 4f as well.
P. saulosi does best in a species only tank as they can turn nasty if they want to, to the point that single fish is more than capable of killing your entire tank in the blink of an eye (regardless if it is female / male)

Tazman 03-02-2012 08:14 AM

One other thing I forgot to mention as well.

Jacobfreibergi peacocks need a very high protein diet which can lead to bloat in the mbuna, this is why a lot of people keep them in species only tanks.

ladayen 03-02-2012 10:34 AM

Yeah i just read that about protein recently. More caves and such certainly couldn't hurt. I'll dig up some stuff. I dont think getting more Rusties/Acei is going to be possible. The ones I have are the only ones I've seen for sale here.

Tazman 03-02-2012 08:22 PM

The acei will be fine. Just keep an eye on the 2 rusties, if they are both male then you could have problems. Male and female will need watching as the male will chase the female when he is in breeding mode.

p. saulosi can sometimes go after plecos but most of the time they are fine.

ladayen 03-02-2012 08:29 PM

It's a male and female rusty. Sadly our male was severly beaten and has virtually no tail left atm. We put him in with a bunch of Otopharynx lithobates fry for now. Wound is already showing signs of healing after less then a day. He has on occasion showed signs of being nipped at before but nothing nearly this bad. I think one of the other fish found his cave and evicted him.

Tazman 03-02-2012 08:30 PM

aww sorry about that.

Immediate suspicion would fall on the Saulosi, they can get really nasty.

ladayen 03-02-2012 10:32 PM

Ugh.. what a night. went to go do some water changes, so I decided to check on my filter media and see if it needed to be rinsed off. My overstock tank.. didn't have any. I'm assuming my son climbed up on the couch beside it and pulled it out. I found it on the other side of the room and put it back in. Needless to say the ammonia had spiked to .5. Good thing the filter is an internal power filter so it has a decent surface area.

Next I took a good look at an electric yellow I knew was holding for too long. Her stomach was starting to sink in so I figured I had to strip her. I emptied out my hospital tank except for a cochu.. that I think was also holding eggs for too long. Put 2 black skirts into the overstock tank and a platy into my 60g. Nothing had shown any signs for a week+ now so I figure they should be ok. After fighting with the yellow trying to get her to spit I managed to get about 10 fry out of her, then she slipped out and went strait for the cochu.. dead cochu :x Managed to get a couple more out then put her back in the main tank. Think I missed a couple but we'll have to see what happens. Took out the cochu, then realized the heater in the hospital tank was much too large for the fry so I played musical heaters.

I found another fake log and a stump for more caves for the 65g cichlid tank. So we'll see if that does anything to calm some of the recent aggresion. I went to check on rusty and didn't see him at first as he had come out of his cave and manuevered himself under the driftwood.. really hoping the little rubber lip pleco hiding there doesn't take exception to that.

I think we're going to sell off nearly all the cichlids in the 75g cichlid tank, get rid of the remaining Otopharnyx lithobates fry and kenyi fry in the 80g. Spread the remaining cichlids between the 75 and 80. Then recaulk a 55g and put our hardwater community fish into there...

I do not have MTS.. I DONT I DONT I DONT.. lol. Sigh.. it's crazy how much a minor tweak in one tank can cause a domino effect and cause so many problems.

Tazman 03-02-2012 10:53 PM

Wow, that is not good all that going on...

Be very careful with the yellow lab fry, there is a very strong chance they may be hybrids from the red zebra, zebra and yellow labs are notorious for crossbreeding.

I am going to offer a suggestion for you.

8 x yellow labs
2 x rusties
2 x acei
4 x otopharnyx lithobates
1 x common pleco

3 x kyoga flameback
5 x peacock swallow tail
1 x Common Pleco

Both the P.saulosi should go as well unless you want to make a species only tank in one of them.

Move the FX5 to the 75g and the Rena to the 65g, the peacocks would prefer the gentle flow compared to the torrent from the FX5.

Sorry for the Cochu, am surprised the lab would go after it but then again she hasnt eaten for about 20 days!

ladayen 03-04-2012 12:23 AM

OK so moved the peacocks into the 80g with the older fry and moved some of those fry into the 65 to compensate bioload. Mr. Peacock's colour improved immediatly.

Unfortuantly Mr. Rusty didn't survive the night. Ms. Rusty went into the 80 as well.

Watching the fish after transferring around it seems we have 2 males and 1 female kyoga instead of 2f 1m,

Oh, I dont know if we have it listed in the tanks log right now but we have a 10" common pleco in the 75, 2 Red leopeord pleco around 3" each in the 80 and then 2 common pleco 7" and 5" in the 65. These 2 are stunted I believe from previous owners having them in small tanks.

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