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wan2 learn 02-29-2012 04:28 PM

please help diagnose chiclid

I dont know what this is im hoping its a simple scratch or burn and not some of infection over the last month and half i have lost afew fish not showing these symtoms tho. I was told to medicate with anti internal bacteria and white spot solution i dosed at half strength for the clown loach and shark. And for the last two weeks everything seemed back to normal so i removed the extra sponge filter media and put back some new carbon inserts and dosed three days of nutrafin cycle to help the new media.

heres a couple more pictures of the firemouth and he is the only one with this i also have a bala shark left that seems to be going blind in one eye and i was planning on rehoming most of these fish as there going to be to big for my 30gal. then all this happens so i have to sort it out before rehoming the shark an upside down cat and a larger firemouth that is healthy now but with the medium firemouth like this i cant rehome it thank you for reading i dont post much online thats why i blabber on lol :-D

dmuddle 02-29-2012 06:44 PM

I really dont know too much I cant see the disease too well.

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