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Inga 02-29-2012 02:03 PM

Aponogeton Crispus? Who is familiar?
I fell in love with this plant, the Aponogeton Crispus.

My question is... Is THIS particlular plant healthy? In the pictures I looked at prior to getting one, it didn't have the brown fringe ruffle, it was all green but had the ruffle type leaves. This plants also seems to have almost a brown patching all the way though it. Is this normal? Is this algae or disease? Anyone else have this plant? Can you tell by the pictures if this plant appears healthy or needy?

Byron 02-29-2012 02:54 PM

I have this, and mine have sometimes turned much the same as yours. I think it is probably more nutrients than light. However, I'm fairly certain that my and your plants are hybrids, as is explained in the profile.

I moved one of mine into a 20g with slightly higher pH and it became one of the most beautiful plants. May be more a light issue than pH. The hybrids don't need the rest period, but the true species does.

Water hardness might be a factor too; I have been lacking calcium until recently, so it is hard for me to pin other issues down since too little calcium is a major issue for any aquatic plant.


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